At Wallpaper* we love nothing better than the emergence of a brand that skilfully blends tradition and craftsmanship with innovation. Case in point: a new contemporary fragrance brand created in conjunction with a small team at the family-run Cereria Migone waxworks – one of the oldest candle makers in Tuscany.

Drawing upon the company’s five generations and 149 years of experience – which includes concocting church incense, waxes and perfume for esteemed brands – Cereria Migone’s new London-based affiliates Industria have created a small range of scents aimed at a young, discerning audience.

The debut collection comprises three unisex fragrances – Ambergris, Bergamotto and Cardinalis – each inspired by a specific region of Italy: Ambergris draws notes of Sicilian lemon, black pepper and lavender from Amalfi; Bergamotto mixes orange blossom, jasmine and rose oil from Sicily; while Cardinalis is a Tuscan-inspired scent combining ylang-ylang, cistus and cardamom.

Distilled into a scented candle and 100ml bottles of perfume at Cereria Migone’s Tuscan base, the collection is as delectably packaged as it is fragranced. Three intricate swirling artworks were designed by Giles Dunn of Punkt in collaboration with the waxworks and assigned to each fragrance, wrapping the packaging and serving as a fitting tribute to the classic Florentine art of marbling.