BIG’s ‘Gople’ lamp wins Wallpaper* Design Award for Life-Enhancer of the Year

Gople lamp by BIG for Artemide
The indoor ‘Gople’ lamp, by BIG, for Artemide wins the Life-enhancer of the Year in the Wallpaper* Design Awards 2019.
(Image credit: Philippe Fragniére)

Sustainability and wellness continued to be high on the agenda in 2018. Fittingly, our plant-boosting ‘Gople’ lamp, by BIG, for Artemide scoops Life-Enhancer of the Year award. Take a look at the full list of Judges' Awards winners here.

‘Gople’ lamp, by BIG, for Artemide

For those who struggle to keep their indoor flora alive and kicking, the ‘Gople’ lamp may prove to be a godsend. A collaboration between lighting specialist Artemide and Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG), the lamp features lighting technology that aids plant growth, while also providing functional white light. The RWB (red-white-blue) lighting system, which Artemide patented in 2011, replaces the standard ‘red-green- blue’ as the combination favoured for the psychophysical wellbeing of both man and plant. Handblown using an ancient Venetian technique, the white crystal lamp is also available in transparent silver and bronze finishes.

Key features: Indoor lamp that cleverly aids the growth of plants


‘Private Eye’ bag, by

Private eye bag by LONB

(Image credit: Philippe Fragniére)

There’s a plethora of luxury bags out there with external aesthetic value, but very few have inner meaning. For those who struggle to keep the contents of their handbag in order, London label LONB’s ‘Private Eye’ is astonishingly multifunctional. Crafted from fine leather, it weighs only 800 grams, and features umpteen practical pockets, from exterior panels for your passport, phone, card and pens, to internal pouches for a 13in laptop and office documents. An internal zip pocket with a detachable shoulder strap can be completely removed, doubling as a storage pocket-cum-sleek shoulder bag when a simpler, smaller style is required.

Key features: A lightweight multi-pocketed bag-within-a-bag for the ultimate in form follows function

‘Pixel Buds’ earbuds, by Google

pixel ear buds by google

(Image credit: Philippe Fragniére)

Syncable with Google’s Pixel 2 phone, these earbuds can wirelessly tap into Google Assistant, facilitating real-time translations pumped directly into the user’s ear. Supporting more than 40 languages, the nifty buds are also able to send notifications, give directions and respond to texts via voice transcription. A left or right swipe will adjust volume, while placing a finger on the bud and speaking will offer a direct line to Google Assistant. The device, available in black, white or blue, also comes with a neat pocket-size charging case.

Key features: Earbuds that sync directly with Google Assistant to offer real-time translation

Hangover cure, by YourSaint

hangover cure by your saint

(Image credit: Philippe Fragniére)

YourSaint’s hangover cure is designed to counteract the effects of a heavy night on the sauce. It works by metabolising alcohol before it turns into toxic acetaldehyde, using a blend of shiitake mushrooms, grape seeds, taurine and ginger, while also offering vitamin- boosting and hydrating properties to aid recovery. It took Jørgen Koefoed and the YourSaint team four years in the Swiss Alps to refine the formula, and the products are offered as either a shot or as drops to be added to water. YourSaint has been given the green light by the Food Standards Agency in the UK and the Danish Food Administration.

Key features: Expertly formulated tonic that helps prevent the onset and the effects of a hangover

Water bottle, by Closca

water bottle by closca

(Image credit: Philippe Fragniére)

Spanish bicycle accessory brand Closca – known for its intelligent folding helmet – is offering an elegant solution to the plastic crisis: a reusable water bottle built to be ‘worn, not carried’. Made from durable borosilicate glass and 100 per cent BPA-free, the bottle’s sleek, seamless and minimal design has a silicone flap that wraps neatly around a bag, bike or garment using a magnetic clasp. Its base has a built-in tea/fruit infuser and the bottle comes with an app that points you in the direction of the nearest water refill station.

Key features: Reusable glass water bottle with wraparound clasp and app to locate water refill points.

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