Le grand fromage: Ich&Kar’s cheese-themed concept store in New York

cheese-themed concept store in New York
New York’s newest concept store to combine art, design and food, the French Cheese Board merges a cheese shop with designer tableware and accessories, a cultural lab and a gallery
(Image credit: Pascal Perich)

New York’s Nolita is perhaps downtown’s coolest neighbourhood for good reason. The district boasts many a trendy haunts, and now there’s a new address that just made its debut: French Cheese Board, a concept store that successfully merges art, design and food. By combining a cheese shop with designer tableware and accessories, a culture lab where interactive experiences invite the public to take part in showcases and events, and a gallery to house art and design exhibitions such as Ich&Kar’s 'Pièces Montées', or 'Edible Architecture' series in which gastronomy and art become one, cheese connoisseurs and the curious alike can sample some of the finest fromage in town.

With an ambition 'to become an ambassador of French cheese culture and a platform for conversations and debates related to the topic of nutrition and related issues,' the French Cheese Board puts food at the centrepiece. Its lab will host cooking lessons, wine and cheese pairings sessions and feature presentations to educate all on the art and craft of cheese, for instance, how to cut each cheese according to a specific pattern. The boutique stocks the latest cookware, including French cutlery designer Christian Ghion, tableware by Bourdeaux-based designer Caroline Gomez and accessories by Made In Design. There’s also a wine and cheese club, pop-up days, a library that is filled with cookbooks, master classes targeting knowledge seekers and food lovers, and conferences with a panel of experts leading a discussion on the science of taste.

French duo Ich&Kar designed the interior of the French Cheese Board, with the intention to make the interior design a part of the education, as graphic murals, like the detailed map on cheese origins, have been designed as learning tools, giving the space a more playful feel. As their first interior design project, Ich&Kar strived to create a space with a strong identity, reflecting French culture. Black was chosen as the main statement of the venue for its timeless and elegant feel, but has been balanced by the solid oak furniture for a more grounded ambience. 'Think out of the box' is the motto that motivates their work, a perfect match for the French Cheese Board, as both are dedicated to enjoying the essence of the French art de vivre.

cheese concept wall shelf

Providing the most exquisite treats, apéritifs and Sunday brunches, the store will feature events in which food is at the centrepiece and topic of discussion

(Image credit: Pascal Perich)

cheese shop counter with cheese themed wall

The space was designed by French designers Ich&Kar, serving as a beacon for chefs, foodies, bloggers and many more

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cheese shop with tableware

Customers will also be able to learn how to improve their culinary knowledge through cooking lessons

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cheese store with table and wall shelf books

A curated selection of cookware and accessories will also be on sale at the shop

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cheese shop exterior

Located on Spring Street, French Cheese Board adds to an area that is famous for its retail experiments

(Image credit: Pascal Perich)


For more information, visit the French Cheese Board website and Ich&Kar’s website

Photography: Pascal Perich


French Cheese Board
41 Spring Street
New York, NY 10012