Ferrari has taken the wraps of its new F458 Italia, the eagerly awaited replacement for the F430. As expected, the emphasis is on lightness and hi-tech materials, with design cues and engineering elements trickling down from limited edition models like the Enzo.

Ferrari 458 Italia

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The V8-powered F458 continues the company’s distinguished lineage of mid-engined models, with each succeeding generation upping the power and increasing efficiency as technology improves. That means lightweight components, high power outputs and an all-new engine.
Visually, the F458 is a far more cohesive composition than the recent front-engined California roadster. The curvaceous, sculpted flanks are the work of long-time Ferrari collaborator Pininfarina. When it hits the market in 2010, at an expected price of around £150,000, the F458 will be competing with Lamborghini’s Gallardo and the all-new Mclaren P11, due to be unveiled in September.