’We are the first car company in Denmark for a long time,’ says Zenvo’s co-owner and CEO Jesper Jensen, ’and everyone is very excited.’ With good reason, for in a small factory half an hour south of Copenhagen, startup supercar manufacturer Zenvo is starting work on its first customer cars.
The Zenvo ZV1 is an all-Danish effort, styled by RCA graduate Christian Brandt to be aggressive, wide, low and a serious statement of intent. Just 15 ST1s will be made, at a cost of 850,000 euros each. Like the company itself, the customers are modest, discrete but almost maniacal in their enthusiasm.
’We told Christian that this would be a supercar, which is usually 80% sports car and 20% race car. However, we wanted 40% race car.’ All-out performance will be exceptional - initial figures claim more power than Bugatti’s Veyron - but the team is stopping short of creating a record breaker.
’It wasn’t important to be the fastest car in the world,’ Jensen stresses, ’we didn’t want our design to be compromised in the wind tunnel.’ Jensen expects to build all 15 cars by 2011, by which time two more models will be lined up ready to go.