PGO is not a household name, not even in France and perhaps not even in its hometown of Alès, a few kilometres north-west of Nimes. The company is just two decades old and currently has three models in production, the SPEEDSTERII, Cevennes and the HEMERA.
All take the basic visual template of the post-war Porsche 356 and reinvent it for modern day driving conditions. The company’s newest model, the HEMERA, builds on the first two models but adds a stylistic twist in the form of fastback bodywork, making this a practical closed coupé for long-distance touring. Detailing is neat and the stubby bodywork well-proportioned.
Content with tried and test engines rather than fire-breathing performance, PGOs are pitched at the individualist unconcerned with all-out speed but eager to sample hand-built craftsmanship and small scale manufacturing.