We first set eyes on the Lightning GT at the 2008 British Motor Show, it was immediately apparent that here was something special. For this is a beautiful car, a classic grand tourer in the sublime tradition of bespoke British car-making, with a long bonnet, curvaceous haunches and classic faired-in headlines.

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But although this type of tailoring could hail from any era, it’s what’s under the skin that makes the GT different. Figures are hazy, but according to Jason Colchin-Carter, one of the project’s backers, the GT will be a full 130mph sports car, with in-wheel electric motors, ultra-quick charging batteries and a 200-mile range.
Hand-made in the Midlands, Colchin-Carter says the car is’very reverential to British motoring tradition - the batteries are the only thing we sourced from abroad.’ If this small British company can keep focused, the Lightning won’t just be the most beautiful car on the road, but also one of the most efficient. The first deliveries should hit the road in summer 2010.