Spain’s supercar heritage isn’t rich, but one small company believes it can bring the country an instant reputation for advanced engineering. Established in 2003 by motor-sport specialist Ignacio Fernandez Rodriquez, Aspid Cars is based in Reus, just along the coast from Barcelona.
The company’s first car, the Spirit, is still in development. With a faint resemblance to the classic late 1950s Lotus 7, the Spirit piles on the technology in a bid to blend everyday usability with ultimate performance. Rodriquez’s past is evident in the new car’s ability to transform itself.
All engineering parameters are tweakable to the nth degree, allowing enthusiastic owners - and we suspect the only owners will be enthusiasts to their very core - to adapt the car to the conditions; ride quality, power delivery, handling, all changeable at the touch of the flat screen centre console. The blend of high tech and low weight will certainly keep the Spirit ahead of the competition: 100 mph comes up in the same time it takes many sports cars to hit 60.