Launched at February’s Dubai International Boat Show and tucked in amongst the glossy white hulls of the superyachts, was a striking creation: a new launch by UAE-based Enata Marine.

The Foiler is a sleek speed boat with integrated twin carbon fibre hydrofoils. Designed to lift the vessel out of the water at high speeds, the hydrofoils create an ultra-smooth ride 1.5m up above the waves as well as exceptional efficiency and speed. The diesel-electric hybrid propulsion system allows the Foiler to zip across the waves at speeds up to 40 knots, with the ability to glide silently in electric mode as well.

Interior of the Foiler by Enata Marine

Foiler zips across the waves at speeds up to 40 knots. Photography: © Guillaume Plisson

A range of 130 nautical miles ensures this is a practical machine as well as a dramatically styled superyacht toy, perfect for skimming across the warm, calm waters of the Gulf or seeking out swimming spots in the Northern Med.

At less than ten metres long, with an eight-person capacity, the Foiler is designed to fit in most superyacht garages for ready deployment as a tender or day boat. Happy hovering.