Keyless creation: Studio Meyerhoffer’s ’Latch’ remote entry system

Keyless creation: Studio Meyerhoffer’s ’Latch’ remote entry system

Don’t assume that, because it is based in San Francisco, the design studio of Thomas Meyerhoffer is yet another Silicon Valley tech-product-churning company. It might be at the cradle of the so-called revolution of the IoT (Internet of Things), but its stance remains adamant.

Take for instance ’Latch’, Meyerhoffer’s new smart lock. Far from fitting into the current logorrhea of disposable wearables and other sensor-loaded gadgetry, it is the result of a two-year, carefully crafted reinvention.

’I had three values in mind that actually subsume good design’, explains the Swedish-born, former Apple designer. ’Latch needed to inspire an immediate trust: that it will lock and unlock, to promise longevity; "no, you won’t need an update in two years"; and to induce mindfulness. You should be able to intuitively interact with it, to feel the extraordinary care we took [in] your experience.’

The round camera stands out like an unblinking eye, both inviting and strongly protective; while the handle is sculptural and sleek. The result exudes the simplicity and high quality of a good solution. Available this spring to the construction industry (and later this year for the general public), ’Latch’ will receive its first prize this Friday in Munich, with a gold award from the iF Design Awards 2016.

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