The 52nd floor of Mori Arts Center Gallery was the location of the latest BMW Art Car Exhibition, ‘Transparent Speed’, and for architect Jun Aoki who designed it the sky was the limit. ‘It’s a very fine idea to have cars floating high up in the sky’, said Aoki, thrilled to see his exhibition design of cars in clouds become a reality.


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Roppongi Hills Mori Tower wrapped in a layer of mist on cloudy days wasn’t enough. Instead, Aoki took as his starting point for the design his understanding of ‘Transparent Speed’, or the experience of how people sense speed. ‘It’s not an ordinary environment where cars are moving and you can feel the airflow’, he explained ‘I wanted people to feel movement while seeing the art cars on display to feel the air in the gallery space moving, and feel resistance’.
So Aoki filled the gallery with 10,000 transparent, polycarbonate pipes to give the air a sense of substance, providing visitors with a resistance a bit like wind. Strung from the ceiling in different lengths, people feel as if they’re walking on top of, inside or underneath clouds. A sense of speed is created with special lighting effects. ‘The exhibition’s design adds a vibrant energy to the art cars, while bringing visitors high-up into the air’, says Aoki.
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