Bites: Wallpaper’s 2016 picks of the best grooming, food and technology

It is a phone holder

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'Meet Block'
13 December

Let’s be honest, despite some of our best efforts to resist smart-phones, we’ve all got one and some of us multiple. Their indispensable and addictive qualities make them rather irritable little friends whose omnipresence can get slightly tiresome. Sometimes we just need a break! Meet Block, a Dutch startup supported by T-Mobile that has created an elegant solution. The Block case neatly conceals up to six smartphones, made from a single piece of aluminum that functions as a Faraday cage, blocking all incoming calls and messages. It’s time to virtually disconnect and re-engage with those you call 'family and friends'. ‘Tis the season after all…

Writer: Rosanna Bruce

It is a travel cocktail kit

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Party people
13 December

Los Angeles-based design studio Stephen Kenn may be known for his furniture and leather goods, but this winter Kenn and his wife Beks Opperman are growing their offering by introducing six curated holiday gift sets. The common theme of the collection is leather – each kit contains a Stephen Kenn leather good, as well as a choice of imaginative gifting alternatives such as a private tour of the Stephen Kenn studio space.

We recommend 'Drinks with Friends', or the Travel Cocktail Kit, which contains two stunning rocks glasses, a leather travel kit, a notecard from Well Received and the quintessential book on modern cocktail creation, Death & Co - the perfect gift for a cocktail-loving friend or aspiring mixologist.

Writer: Jessica-Christin Hametner

Cookies decorated with blue cream

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Nectar & Stone
13 December

Blue food is always a questionable choice but we’ve found the exception. Melbourne desert designers Nectar & Stone have created these blue éclairs that aren’t only easy-on-the-eyes, but are also mouth-wateringly delicious. Caroline Khoo, founder and creative director, works tirelessly to design stunning desserts that certainly push the boundaries between art and food. Her feminine sweets have caught the attention of many an admirer and she is currently working on a book with Murdoch Book Publishers. Who said you can’t have your cake and eat it? Watch this space.

Writer: Rosanna Bruce

Six shades of lipstick and a queen coin from chess

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Lipstick game
13 December

From the Lipstick Queen herself comes the new range Lipstick Chess. Six rich shades that inject lips with full coverage colour, representing a playful take on a beauty staple. Lips feel moisturised and ready to embrace whatever comes their way thanks to the super hydrating, suede-feel formula that redefines what it means to wear matte lipstick. The vibrant shades pop against their monochrome packaging and will turn any look from bleak to chic. Available from January 2017.

Writer: Rosanna Bruce

Perfume from "The woods"

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Brooklyn bars
13 December

Given its name and the almost parodic images of bearded hipsters caressing its products online, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the Brooklyn Soap Company is one of those achingly artisanal outfits that Brooklyn is famous for. Yet it’s actually based in Hamburg, selling men’s beard and skin care globally via its website and in barbers and menswear stores around Europe. In an imaginative move, BSC has commissioned star perfumer Mark Buxton (who was born in England but grew up in – Hamburg) to create a scent for its body wash and its first perfume. Called The Woods, it’s an appealingly earthy and, yes, woody fragrance, with a formula that includes bergamot, ginger, nutmeg and incense.

Writer: Christopher Stocks

The perfume bottle is yellow in color

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Cartier takes flight
2 December

It’s rare that a perfume’s name, bottle, and scent come together in one clear and coherent concept. 'L’Envol' is a new fragrance from Cartier for men; translated loosely as ‘taking flight’, the scent – which is the work of in-house perfumer Mathilde Laurent – represents both the ground it leaves behind and the air it launches itself into. Specifically, it is made up of honey notes, guaiac wood and patchouli with an airy, musky transparent trail. The bottle, meanwhile, is an intricate construction – an inner vessel hovers inside an outer shell, fixed together only at the neck, a piece of engineering executed by the clever design-heads at the watch and jewellery HQ.

'L'Envol de Cartier', from £63 for 50ml, available from Cartier

Writer: Emma Moore

The book named ' MA VIE A PARIS '

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Paris match
2 December

We’ve been fans of Parisian homeware and fragrance brand Astier de Villatte ever since Ivan Pericoli and Benoît Astier de Villatte first opened their cabinet of curiosities on the rue St Honoré, so we were intrigued when they published Ma Vie à Paris, their personal guide to the city, in January 2016. Newly available in English, it’s the perfect complement to the Wallpaper* guide, with a quirky selection of everything from bird hospitals to parapsychologists, all arranged in alphabetical order and printed by the only traditional printing house left in Paris.

Ma Vie à Paris, €45, published by Astier de Villatte

Writer: Christopher Stocks

A headset is placed in the wooden bench

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The rest is noise
2 December

Legacy whisky company Chivas Regal and the nifty precision audio brand LSTN Sound Co have teamed up on 'Generosity: Amplified'. It's a multi-faceted initiative with the key aim of raising funds for the Starkey Hearing Foundation – the $150,000 target will provide one million hearing aids for those in need over the course of a decade. LSTN's 'Troubadour' over-ear headphones have been given a limited-edition tweak, their wooden panelling reconstituted from recycled whisky casks and debossed with a Chivas Regal logo (with no scrimping on sonic quality). It's a timeless, elegant design – neatly presented in a custom wooden gift box with a spare set of removable cables. Sound stuff all round.

Chivas Regal X LSTN 'Troubadour' headphones, $249.99, available from LSTN

Writer: Tom Howells

Box of natural skin care products

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Box of tricks
2 December

For those of you who haven't been organised enough buy an advent calendar just yet, take a look at this new twist on an old staple, by Susanne Kaufmann. Filled with 24 beauty delights – and priced at a punch £110 – the calendar has been created by Kaufmann’s team of dermatologists and includes a bevvy of naturally derived products for all skin types. Expect bath oils and salts, body products, facial skincare, haircare and festive teas, just in time to have yourself groomed and glowing for that ever-imminent Christmas party. Better than chocolate? That might be a step too far.

Writer: Rosanna Bruce

Chocolate flavor in Caviar & Vodka

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Chocolate, caviar and vodka
2 December

In a clash of titans, Nicolas Cloiseau of La Maison du Chocolat and caviar extraordinaire Armen Petrossian have united their two trades. What may seem a total juxtaposition of flavours is actually a harmonious marriage. The luxurious treat has broken boundaries to create an exquisite blend of caviar and vodka-infused chocolate. Salty notes of caviar inside a nutty chocolate ganache complement the coarse hazelnut praline and thus create a combination that is neither sweet or salty, nor dark or milky. The future is sweet – the future is caviar chocolate.

Available from Caviar Petrossian and La Maison du Chocolat

Writer: Clara le Fort

There are three small perfume bottles

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Strike gold
2 December

If one lifestyle brand defies industry conventions, it’s Lite + Cycle, founded by Kristi Head – a packaging and graphic artist based in LA, whose aim is to turn the fragrance industry on its head.

Continuing on her mission, the brand’s latest olfactory offering comes as an essential oil perfume range. Gracefully scented, the collection consists of three scents made of therapeutic-grade oils, all of which are certified organic. ‘Ingrace’ blends lavender and rose otto for a smooth, herbaceous scent; ‘Inrapture’ is fresh, citrussy and lively; while ‘Inheart’, a concoction of vetiver and sandalwood, oozes confidence.

Head conceived the mandala design and tweaked it to precision with the help of an architect, creating not only a fragrance that is eco-friendly but also easy on the eye (in an elegant bit of packaging, no less).

'Ingrace', 'Inrapture' and 'Inheart', each $58 for 8ml.

Writer: Jessica-Christin Hametner

A bottle is white in color with small design in black

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Olive oil with a twist
18 November

Primitive Cyprus, a small-batch olive oil brand based in Larnaca, was established back in 2015 by designers Yorgos Marantos, Yannis Bartzis and Yeorgia Demetriou (also a biologist), whose true-to-tradition extra virgin olive oil has been making waves not just in Cyprus, but globally ever since its inception in May.

The focus is clear - ‘food minimalism’, which emphasises limited production and partnering with small and sustainable producers that yield unprocessed, natural food sources. This maximises the oil’s nutritional values, apparent in its high organoleptic characteristics (utilised by experts to determine an oil’s quality), having been selected as one of the World’s Best Olive Oils by Flos Olei 2017 already. Hand-painted, matte white bottles contrast with black silkscreened details, available with accompanying accessories including a felt or leather sleeve. From €30.

Writer: Jessica-Christin Hametner

' DAIMEN BARBER ' is a men's grooming brand

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Daimon Barber
18 November

Conceived by brothers Lee and Daimon Neelands, Daimon Barber (get it?) is a London-based men’s grooming brand, best known until recently for its range of hair pomades, which have received rave reviews from video bloggers online. This year the brand has added a shaving and skincare range and redesigned the packaging for the pomades, which all now come in smart charcoal-grey livery with pewter-coloured lettering – a look that’s much more Wallpaper* than its previous trad-dad incarnation.

Made in the UK from top-notch natural oils and the latest cosmeceuticals, the paraben-free range includes Honeybee Complex & Propolis Shave Cream, Anti-Fatigue Eye Cream and Exfoliating Cleanser, as well as the much-fêted pomades. Next up? A range of Daimon Barber fragrances, launching in 2017.

Writer: Christopher Stocks

It looks like a syrup bottle

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18 November

Established design studio Believe in is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year and they've opened their first studio in Canada (Mono, Ontario) last month. To mark the occasion, the design studio conceived a limited edition of 200 bottles of premium maple syrup (100% pure grade A), paying homage to one of Canada’s most iconic exports.

The name 'Uproot' was chosen to reflect the company’s arrival in Canada and to reference the process of making maple syrup. Housed in heavyweight Italian glass bottles, each is individually numbered and adored with Japanese Takeo Tassel - a light grey paper that is subtly embossed and supplied by GF Smith, while a die-cut diagonal line marks the geographical connection between both studios. Simple and elegant, Uproot is sure to tick the boxes for all design aficionados with a penchant for pancakes and dripping maple syrup. £55 each.

Writer: Jessica-Christin Hametner

It is a Rockwell Razor

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Rockwell Razors
18 November

Lets be honest almost all catridge razors leave your skin in an irritated and sensitive state with most models not being suitable to all hair and skin types. Rockwell Razors allow their user to customize their razor with a shave setting that can be adjusted from 1 though 6 that changes the angle at which the blade cuts the hair. The new Chrome Series combines superior design with the unique adjustability system in two alluring finishes: Classic Chrome and Gunmetal.

Writer: Rosanna Bruce

The outer case of the candle is rose in color

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On the nose
4 November

Overose, a recently launched Parisian fragrance brand based in the 9th arrondissement, prides itself on its succinct collection of candles, which promise to instill a sense of warmth within any atmosphere. The candles, which are each lovingly made with a selection of organic essential oils, are all forged from the brand’s signature dusty pink rapeseed botany wax blend and boast a diverse selection of scents. Offerings include the 'Nympholia', a patchouli-fragranced candle featuring a fractionation of oil cultivated in Japan.

Writer Sara Sturges

There are four colors of bottles in this picture

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Bozal Mezcal
4 November

Bozal Mezcal – available in four distinctive blends and made using traditional techniques – is produced from wild agaves grown on the sheer hillsides of Oaxaca and Guerrero, Mexico, taking up to 13 years to cultivate. The resulting spirit features rich and complex layers of flavour, evoking intense earth tones and a savoury smokiness. The ceramic bottle design comes in four natural colours, with a label printed on naturally flecked paper. These elements hint at the traditional terra cotta copitas commonly used for storing mezcal. Available from 3badge.

Writer: Rosanna Bruce

The base is made of wood

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Perfect harmony
4 November

The Detroit fashion/lifestyle label Shinola is diverse as is, but its shift into the audio market is still unprecedented (though certainly not unwelcome). Preceding a wider range of headphones, in-ear monitors, speakers et al, the brand presents the Runwell Turntable. A belt-driven deck created in collaboration with New Jersey's VPI, the Runwell is a sleek, muscular plug-and-play unit in wood, solid steel and aluminium, promising exemplary audiophile quality (as it should, retailing for a keen $2,500). This first edition is available in a run of 500 (an all-black iteration will be released on Black Friday).

Writer: Tom Howells

It looks like spoon

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Tsar buy
4 November

Parisian 5.5 Designstudio has created a sleek caviar spoon. Its silken surface is finished in brilliantly shiny black lacquer with a nacre shell spoon set into the handle – the purest way to eat caviar. Appropriately, it’s filled with 15g of Caviar Impérial de Sologne, produced in the small town of Saint-Viatre in the Loir-et-Cher region of France. The golden-black caviar is famed for its nutty, slightly salty taste and is recognised as the crème de la crème of French fish roe.

Writer: Rosanna Bruce

It looks like a paper bad named ' Sunday Brunch '

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Pot luck
4 November

Tea is the lifeblood of Wallpaper* HQ, so we were predictably excited when the Eindhoven graduates behind 'Miito' – a revolutionary induction kettle – launched their conceptual online tea store. Like the kettle, ‘Miito Tea’ is novel, eco-friendly and deliciously simple. Comprising a concise selection of three, limited edition loose-leaf blends, the young team have honed in on the 'immersive experience' food trend, pairing each of their minimally packaged flavours with a mood, meal and music. Our personal favourite – ‘Sunday Brunch' – is infused with peach pieces, rose petals and papaya. This fruity number invigorates slow mornings, and is best served with a seasonal salad, while watching Little Miss Sunshine. Time for a tea break.

Writer: Elly Parsons

A perfume bottle and a red card

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Gosha Rubchinsky by Comme des Garçons
4 November

A perfume that smells – according to its own description – of rubber and tar might not sound like the sort of thing you’d immediately rush out to buy, but Comme des Garçons has never been afraid of pushing the boundaries, and its new unisex scent, ‘Gosha Rubchinskiy’ is no exception.

Named after the young Moscow-based designer and photographer whose brash streetwear-inspired collections are bankrolled by the brand, it’s apparently inspired by ‘skateboarding on a summer day’, and was formulated by perfumer Alexis Dadier of International Flavors & Fragrances.

Dadier has cleverly created an impression of rubber, along with a tarry note that smells slightly leathery (probably thanks to the use of birch-tar oil, which is used in many leather perfumes). But while it definitely has a synthetic character which reminds a little of surgical spirit, the rubberiness isn’t overpowering, and after a while the pleasantly dry, wearable scent of vetiver starts taking over. Get your skateboard on and try it before it sells out.

‘Gosha Rubchinskiy’, £65 for 100ml eau de toilette, available from Dover Street Market locations worldwide.

Writer: Christopher Stocks

There are five perfume bottles are black in color

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Libertine Fragrance and Material Lust’s ’Apostate’
28 October

The appeal of art often lies in its thrillingly subversive nature – a creative process that’s driven out of a need to shift the status quo, especially when it has become stagnant. ’Apostate’, a new scent created as a collaboration between Libertine Fragrance founder Josh Smith and distinguished design brand Material Lust, embodies this subversive spirit.

Both rebels in their own right, Smith has carved his own path in the indie perfume sector out of a dissatisfaction with the celebrity endorsed commercial market and Material Lust has cultivated its career by operating outside of corporate constraints – adopting an independent and unorthodox approach to product design. The result is a punchy and provocative mix of Moroccan rose, star anise, oak moss and a subtle note of soft black leather. Housed in an elegant jet black bottle, ’Apostate’ is a symbol of rebellion.

Writer: Adam Chapman

The labels of the three perfume bottles are in different colors

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Makes perfect scents
28 October

Taking into account the evocative appeal of perfume, a fragrance-infused laundry detergent hardly seems like a novel idea. On the contrary, it smacks of simple logic. Why lather your skin with a sensual aroma to then mask it with a layer of clothing? L’Eaundry combines the two – abiding by the philosophy that luxury should be all-enveloping.

Conceived as a high-end laundry detergent for those hard to maintain, expensive fabrics such as silk and cashmere, L’Eaundry enlisted the expertise of distinguished perfumers to further enhance those special items by infusing them with a range of carefully crafted scents.

Oriental olibanum summons up warm notes of frankincense and blossom, Asian ginger flower exudes the sharp sweetness of ginger and Scandinavian moss evokes the Nordic countryside, with its earthy base notes of cedar wood and vetiver. Tastefully presented in glass perfume bottles with fabric-inspired labels, L’Eaundry is a laundry detergent that’s far more suited to the dresser than the cleaning cupboard. 

Writer: Adam Chapman

It is a spoons organizer

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Precious MOOD
28 October

Used as a centrepiece or displayed in the kitchen, MOOD looks like a giant, minimal Fabergé egg. Sculptural and contemporary, it is one of silversmith Christofle’s most successful, clever designs. A cutlery-container, it hides 24 pieces (forks, knives, and large and small spoons) in plain sight; stored vertically, each item slides into a dedicated wooden slot, composing a rather striking ‘bouquet’ of forks and knives.

Now available in two new luxurious finishes, MOOD’s coppery 18-carat rose gold and 24-carat gold reflective surfaces can even be placed on a console as a decorative object.

MOOD in 18-carat rose gold is available from €1350; €9000 in 24-carat gold.

Writer: Clara Le Fort

There are three lemons in this picture

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Landscaped lemonade
28 October

Widely know as 'The Land of Fire and Ice', Iceland is a country built on contrasting extremes and remains firmly connected to the natural world. These conditions are what have pushed Reykjavik-based Alda Iceland to create lemonade that pays homage to the country's diverse landscape. Manufactured in limited production by Stedji, a small family-owned brewery located in the historical upper Borgarfjörður region, the 100 per cent natural formula is sugar-free and blends filtered spring water with hydrolysed marine collagen that is sustainably sourced from wild-caught fish in the North Atlantic Ocean. Milja Korpela's minimalist packaging design emphasises the natural roots of the product, as does the photography that celebrates Iceland’s unspoilt and ravishing terrain. 

Writer: Jessica-Christin Hametner

These four bottles having different landscape pictures

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Tony Conigliaro x Negroni 
28 October

The established drinks and flavour expert Tony Conigliaro has collaborated with graphic design group AS-CC to create the second in a series of label designs for his bottle-aged Negroni. The four designs illustrate idyllic Italian landscapes, reflecting the heritage and elegance of Soho's Bar Termini and the cocktail itself. Each design uses a pastel palette and gold lettering, reminiscent of 1930s glamour.

Soho's Bar Termini was founded by Conigliario and coffee supremo Marco Arrigo in 2015. With two Italian founders, Termini's interior is overwhelmingly proud of its motherland, the cosy space capturing the intimate soul and ambience of the cafes and bars that litter Italian train stations.

The new label series is available at Bar Termini, where the Classico and three other infusions (Robusto, Rosato and Superiore) can by bought by the glass. The Classico Negroni bottle is also available to buy at Selfridges, Harvey Nichols, The Drink Shop and Amathus. Saluti!

Writer: Rosanna Bruce

Five shades of lipsticks

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Chanel Rouge Allure Ink
28 October

Red lipstick is an enduring make up bag staple, the most modern iteration being matte in texture. That, however, can make for a dry and lacklustre pout. Chanel has found the answer in its new range of Rouge Allure Inks, created by Lucia Pica and the Makeup Creation Studio.

A pioneering colour technology embodies the qualities of ink, evenly and fluidly covering the lips’ surface for a weightless and velvety finish.

The nourishing blend of jojoba oil, sappan wood, green tea, sweet almond oil and a vitamin E derivative enables the matte colour to retain its moisture and vibrancy for up to six hours. Available in eight shades, there is a Rouge Allure Ink to suit every occasion, outfit and pair of lips.

Writer: Rosanna Bruce

They designing this place

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Fresh perspective
17 October

Following the success of its first venture, Vinyl’s Mix has revealed the look of its second salon, a 91 sq m space in Osaka conceived under the guidance of Sohei Arao of Sides Core.

Founded by Koji Kawakami, the salon combines music, art and other forms of cultural expression, redefining the very idea of a hairdressing space.

The heart of the salon is the library, curated by employees and covering topics such as fashion, architecture and photography, serving to embrace the cultural curiosity of Vinyl's Mix's clients.

The salon’s industrial-style interior sees steel beams become lighting fixtures, water pipes repurposed as garment rails and decorative pieces, such as a vintage Verner Panton globe pendant, set against raw concrete.

Writer: Jessica-Christin Hametner

The grey shoes has a blue at the bottom

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'Where we're going, we don't need laces'
14 October

The Nike Mag – aka, Marty McFly's self-binding moon boot from Back to the Future Part II – is, without fail, every Millenial's dream trainer. And as of this week, it's been possible to get one's mitts on an actual, honest-to-God pair of them. Cue sneaker-fiend meltdown the world over.

Only 89 sets of the 2016 Mag were created by Nike, to be auctioned for the Michael J Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research. The brand first built a version of the shoe for the same purpose in 2011 – raising nearly $10 million in ten days. But these lacked the essential 'adaptive' (intuitive self-tightening) technology, developed by Nike for its forthcoming HyperAdapt 1.0 performance shoe, an early version of which was incorporated into a new prototype last year (hand-delivered to Fox himself) and included in this model.

Eight-five pairs of the 2016 Nike Mag were available through a ticketed draw (now closed, and winners will be notified on 17 October), three pairs via public auctions in Hong Kong, New York and London, and one will be available via public draw at Nike Town London this weekend. The future is real.

Writer: Tom Howells

Perfume from Claudius brand

(Image credit: TBC)

Claudius N° 1
12 October

Professional make-up artist Sophie Guillou knows her way around the face of many a French film star, but her latest project takes her into the world of natural skincare, which has been something of an obsession since an early age. With no particular business plan or marketing concept, she has tirelessly researched plant and marine sources of collagen to develop an anti-aging formula that is as natural and non-toxic as possible.

The result, Claudius N°1, is composed of 19 active ingredients (and only one per cent added fragrance) including sea collagen, immortelle essential oil and centella asiatica has just completed its first run. Named after her entrepreneurial grandfather, Claude (nicknamed Claudius by his family, and who financed Guillot’s studies at the Françoise Morice make-up school), it has been snatched up by Colette in Paris, and is also available at the perfume store Liquides (it's the only face cream they stock).

Claudius N° 1, €180 for 50 ml. For more information, visit the Claudius Paris website.

Writer: Jean Grogan

A man is cycling in the middle of the road

(Image credit: TBC)

Vulpine's 'Nightfall' jacket
11 October

Cyclewear – as we've hammered on about at Wallpaper* before – is an ascendant corner of the lifestyle industry. But, until now, sartorial niceties have been restricted to the summer months, the grim cold season still catered to overwhelmingly with form over function.

Nowhere is this evinced more than in the fluorescent jacket, the resolutely unsexy centrepiece of a cyclist's winter wardrobe. Lucky then that Vulpine are on hand with 'Nightfall' – a waterproof, breathable and highly reflective jacket imbued with the brand's trademark urban styling.

Available in mandarin orange and a subtler navy, the jacket's abstract print blends into the design by day, but 'pings' (Vulpine's words) out at night. Fashion-forward aesthetics aside, the jacket features a host of necessary extra design details – different sized pockets, abrasion-resistant shoulder pads, a cycle-specific cut (long arms, a lengthened upper back and scalloped wrists) and underarm venting – so there's no excuse not to stand out on the roads (in more ways than one).

Released as a limited edition, the 'Nighfall' jacket costs £195 and is available from Vulpine's website in men's and women's varieties.

Writer: Tom Howells

It is a pink color nail polish

(Image credit: TBC)

Nailberry Elegance
6 October

Nailberry’s pink nude shade ‘Elegance’ recently had its catwalk debut at Emilia Wickstead’s SS17 show. A fitting pairing considering the polish’s palette chimed perfectly with the muted tones of Wickstead’s collection.

The subtly sumptuous Elegance is part of Nailberry’s L’Oxygene range - taking its title from the lacquer that’s used in the formulations, which allows air and moisture to pass through the polish, giving the nails a healthy vitality.

Promoting purity, the L’Oxygene collection is free from five distinct chemicals in order to preserve the natural condition of the nails.

Nailberry Elegance, £14.50,

Writer: Adam Chapman

It is a rectangular purse

(Image credit: TBC)

Poilâne & L/Uniform
5 September

After successfully opening the brand’s first permanent store in Isetan Shinjuku, Japan, in September, Jeanne Signoles unveiled yet another unique collaboration with master Parisian bread maker Poilâne. Known for its signature recipe – that uses four ingredients only: sourdough, stoneground wheat flour, water and sea salt from Guérande – Poilâne’s 4lbs round loaf can now be stored in its own flour-white L/Uniform cotton-canvas bag. A large, rectangular shaped bag that comes with strings attached to transport it around and keep it fresh!

Available online from Oct 11th, 80 euros.

Writer: Clara Le Fort

It is a coffee machine

(Image credit: TBC)

The Waytap
4 October

The rising trend in micro-distilleries and homebrew kits reflects the fact that consumers want to take a more active role in the production of their consumables.

The Waytap, a neat new draught system from Fizzics – a specialist in brew systems – makes this intervention accessible to everyone, by allowing users to enhance and enrich the flavour of their favourite beers, eliminating the hassle and expense of an elaborate home operation. 

Attributing scientific precision to pouring, the innovative device uses oscillating sound waves to create uniformly sized and spaced bubbles, refining aromas, textures and tastes.

Eschewing the use of CO2 and nitrates, Waytap offers a pure consistency that’s complemented by a creamy foam finish.

The Waytap also prides itself on portability and a clean, minimal design – making it a tasteful addition to any kitchen worktop.

Writer: Adam Chapman

The cakes are decorated using chocolates

(Image credit: TBC)

The Häagen-Dazs Ice Show
29 September

Hurrah! The ninth edition of Häagen-Dazs’ Ice Show is upon us. The annual event sees the ice cream aficionados collaborating with distinguished names in the design world – each creating their iteration of the ice cream cake. This year’s offering comes courtesy of Spanish artist-designer Jaime Hayon.

Wallpaper* has long admired Hayon’s craftmanship and his ascendant industry influence. His riff on Häagen-Dazs’ gâteau glacé once again demonstrates his eye for whimsical ingenuity.

The Spanish designer drew upon ideas of showbiz for the brief: weaving together fantastical elements to capture the surrealism of being in the spotlight.

The result is two playfully imaginative creatures, uncanny yet inviting.

Writer: Adam Chapman

Above Sea Level
28 September

The thriving independent magazine sector reflects the fact consumers are increasingly looking towards niche markets to cultivate their specific interests.

On that point, Above Sea level, a new independent magazine devoted to wine and its myriad wonders, is piquing ours.

Founded and edited by wine enthusiast Aimee Hartley, the publication's mission statement ambitiously aims to provide readers with a broader insight into the context of wine; the ways in which it trickles into the many areas of our lives, providing a rich cultural narrative that connects people, places and time.

Independent in its ideals, Above Sea Level provides a playfully accessible guide that eschews lofty jargon, encouraging an inclusive conversation around wine that rejects the misconception of elitist exclusivity. 

We’ll drink to that.

Above Sea Level issue one is available now, £12.

Writer: Adam Chapman

It looks like a shampoo bottle

(Image credit: TBC)

Nuori's winter resistance
27 September

It’s that time again – the prospect of an unforgiving winter is looming. We can't change the seasons but we can change the way our skin reacts to them. The new 'Supreme Moisture Mask' from skincare brand Nuori offers a robust defence from aggravating elements.

The mask is packed with medicinal properties; grape water and damask rose flower hydrates and fortifies the skin with antioxidant protection and hyaluronic acid replenishes much needed moisture, while botanical squalene and betaine boosts the skins barrier. Anti-inflammatory chamomile flower also combats irritants and Vitamin B3 ensures a smooth, glowing complexion.

Skin can look and feel rejuvenated within 15 minutes of application, or absorbed overnight for deeper nourishment.

Writer: Adam Chapman

Blueberries are fallen on the ground

(Image credit: TBC)

Elephant Gin
26 September

If there is one thing London's not short of, it’s gin. The Juniper-based spirit has soared in popularity over the last couple of years, becoming a byword for metropolitan mingling.

There may be a multitude of London gins to choose from, but Elephant Gin takes a different tack – offering a creation imbued with African spirit.

The London dry gin is distilled using 14 African botanicals and ingredients. Conjuring up an array of exotic notes, the botanicals include Baobab and the region’s Buchu plant – infusing the fruity flavour of blackcurrant.

Sloe gin, Elephant Gin’s latest addition, smacks a sweet note that is tempered with a subtle sharpness and distinctive colour.

Aside from the obvious African symbolism, the name and motif is central to one of the brand’s tenets – it helps preserve African wildlife by contributing 15 per cent of all proceeds to two African elephant foundations.

Writer: Adam Chapman

There are three types of spoons

(Image credit: TBC)

Wood and plastic
23 September

Reflecting on his approach, freelance designer Riccardo Randi said, ‘I believe design to be more of a “strategy attitude” rather than an actual work field,’ – perhaps it is Randi’s refusal to be pigeonholed that gives him the freedom to act on his creative impulses; delivering inspired ideas such as the ‘Wood + Cutlery’ concept.

Conceived with the aim to reduce the environmental damage caused by disposable cutlery production, Randi has designed a cutlery set that requires playful engagement.

Comprised of wood and plastic, the main part of the body is made from reusable wood and the head is made from biodegradeable plastic. The idea is to connect the different components – creating the cutlery.

In addition to encouraging the daily rhythm of recycling, Randi’s Wood + Cutlery concept offers a textured alternative to silverware.

Writer: Adam Chapman

It looks like a rubber product

(Image credit: TBC)

Under pressure
22 September

Foam rollers are the secret weapon of many athletes and therapists – used to warm up, stretch and soothe muscles before or after a workout. Despite their popularity of late, the design of rollers is, well, rather basic. GatorTail aims to change that with its longer, thicker composition. Still portable and light, the 20mm thick eva foam comes with a sleek carrier bag making it easy to transport. More important still are the deep ridges – inspired by the skin of an alligator – which are all the better for an effective (and satisfying) deep tissue massage. Made to withstand up to 600lbs of weight, you can be sure that this sturdy roller won't collapse under pressure.

From £34.99;

Writer: Sam Rogers

There are three lemons and lemonade bottles

(Image credit: TBC)

Lemon fresh
21 September

Widely know as 'The Land of Fire and Ice', Iceland is a country of extreme contrasts and one closely connected to nature. It is this cornerstone which has spawned Reykjavik-based Alda Iceland to create lemonade that pays homage to the country's diverse landscape.

Manufactured in limited production by Stedji, a small family-owned brewery located in the historical upper Borgarfjörður region in the West of Iceland, the wholly natural formula is sugar-free, blending filtered spring water with hydrolysed marine collagen, sustainably sourced from wild-caught fish in the North Atlantic ocean.

'Alda', a traditional woman’s name and concurrently, meaning, “wave”, suitably demonstrates Icelanders special connection to ocean and land. It is this respect for nature that Milja Korpela of Iceland Ocean Cluster captures in the design. While the minimalist packaging evokes a handmade feel, a playful editorial portrays Iceland’s elements – the blue depicting the sea and as the source of the ingredients, celebrating Iceland’s idyllic terrain in the process.

Writer: Jessica-Christin Hametner

For more information visit

It is a 100ml perfume bottle

(Image credit: Sara Taglioretti)

A new parfum
20 September

Autumn is the perfect time for a new scent. Think about it. The nights grow longer and the winter chill sets in, making your fragrance all the more crisp. Especially with Malin+Goetz's new Vetiver eau-de-parfum in the mix.

The first of its kind for the New York-based apothecary brand, it builds on the success of their eau de toilette and perfume oils, as well as the popularity of their Vetiver candle. The new parfum employs an earthy base, tied with amber and guaiacwood, lifted by top notes of bergamot, grapefruit peel and cardamom to create a fragrance that is altogether warm and yet perfectly fresh, with a gentle woody overtone.

£125 for 100ml;

Writer: Sam Rogers.

There is a small feather on the top of the triangular piece

(Image credit: Damien Arlettaz)

Plume perfumer
19 September

Somewhere between a sculptural art piece and the familiar reed diffuser, designer Pierre Charrié and French plumassier Maison Julien Vermeulen have collaborated to create Nuto, a sculptural feather diffuser.

Available at galerie MICA, Nuto is a solid marble-based pendulum that slowly swings a delicate, perfumed ostrich feather through the air, diffusing its scent across the room.  The feather is made of ostrich fluff starched and tinted by hand. Once perfumed, the feather naturally diffuses your chosen scent.

Nuto; from €2000;
Writer: Oyinkan Akande

It looks like a bar

(Image credit: TBC)

Beauty stop
16 September

Rare will the moments of respite be this coming weekend with both London Fashion Week and London Design Festival in full swing. Thankfully, sketch is ready to offer reprieve from the buzzing streets and shows with their winsome breakfast/beauty pop-up.

Taking over the Glade, pictured, visitors will be able to restyle and refuel ahead of a long day of events. Start with an express breakfast – muesli or fruit salad, a viennoiserie, tea or coffee and freshly squeezed orange juice – while Sarah Hiscox and Willa Burton's The Braid Bar plait your hair. As well as their six signature styles they will have a bespoke 'sketch braid' on offer, too. And to finish prepping you to face the day, Facebar London's makeup artists will be on hand to work their magic. If only everyday started like this… 

Pop-up beauty breakfast bar 16-20 September; £25 per person, includes express sketch breakfast and either Braid Bar braid or makeup with Facebar London. £40 for all three. Book via or call 0207 659 45 00

Writer: Sam Rogers

There is large black box in the center of the street

(Image credit: TBC)

15 September

Dom Pérignon are to offer complementary champagne tasting tutorials in the heart of the retail recreation ground of South Molton Street for four days in October.

The experience is billed as a multi-sensory one, taking place inside an installation resembling a large black box, which will take up residence in the street for the duration. Slots of 15 minutes are booked in which the alchemy of Dom Pérignon’s 2006 Vintage will be explored through sight, sound and taste. The experience is guided by the voice of Cellar Master – and Wallpaper* Game-Changer – Richard Geoffroy. 'The energetic lifespan that our wines go through play a pivotal role in transforming our vintages, it isn’t a static process, but an evolution and we hope to bring this to life with Transformation.'

If you like what you see, hear and taste, a hop and a skip down the road to Claridge's will afford you the opportunity to indulge in a special pairing menu devised by Fera’s Simon Rogan and Geoffroy and served in the Dom Pérignon Suite.

‘Transformation’ will be open from 10.00am-8.30pm, 20th-23rd October. Slots can booked at from 15 September

Writer: Emma Moore

It is a grasshopper snack

(Image credit: TBC)

Grub grub
14 September

Eating bugs is the next big thing. In fact, if the swarms of daily op eds and lifestyle features are to be believed, chowing down on insects might be the future of our increasingly fractious food industries – a readily available and sustainable source of high-protein, low-fat sustenance.

Jimini's is a new Parisian brand marketing a small range of dried savoury mealworms, crickets and grasshoppers, and cricket-flour chocolate and fruit bars. They're surprisingly moreish; while the smoked onion BBQ crickets slip down a treat, there's a singular weirdness in chomping through the beady compound eyes and crunchy wings of the Greek spiced grasshoppers (the squeamish, the packaging informs, can remove these). The cricket-flour bars taste identical to any other protein or natural energy bar, which is either a shame or a boon, depending on your preference.

It's not quite Indiana Jones & the Temple of Doom's bug banquet, but our insect eating future might take some getting used to.

Writer: Tom Howells

It is bell shape mould in yellow and white color

(Image credit: TBC)

Cool stirrings
13 September

There is something about the scale of grand design that’s inherently visceral – the realistion of an artist’s epic vision invariably inspires awe. However, there is a charm to be found in the intricacy of small design details that delights in equal measure; cue the ‘Ice Bell’. 

Japanese designer Ryosuke Fukusada has conceived an ice tray with a particular stylistic flourish that sets it apart from its rather ‘square’ counterparts. Producing bell-shaped ice cubes that have been carefully calculated to melt slowly and accommodate an array of different glass sizes, Fukusada’s riff on the household product is inspired.

The use of silicone lends a playful functionality to the set - allowing easy release of the ice cubes and the tailor-made stirrer has a silicone handle to enable self-standing. Twirling the cubes in a cocktail creates a melodious clink - all at once making sense of the brief.

Available from the Timbre design collection;

Writer: Adam Chapman

Perfume from ' House of Life '

(Image credit: TBC)

House of Life
12 September

Combining the wisdom of the past with the innovation of the present is the philosophy at the heart of the new skincare range ‘House of Life’.

Taking its name (and cue) from an Ancient Egyptian institution that first documented the discoveries of health properties in plant life, House of Life’s anti-ageing formulation is comprised of naturally medicinal ingredients mined from Georgia’s herbal gardens.

Promoting purity, it has a high oil to water ratio in its formulations, infusing a wealth of nutrient rich herbs, fruits and vegetables to enrich and enliven the skin. The range is comprised of four organic anti-ageing oils, one body oil and three distinctly fragranced multi-action day and night anti-ageing creams.

The House of Life skincare range, from £49;

Writer: Adam Chapman

There are six pens in this picture

(Image credit: TBC)

Writ in luxe
9 September

Parker has built a solid reputation so unyielding in its resistance to the tide of changing trends, owning one of their pens is like owning a minature monolith.

The premium pen purveyor’s latest range distills the essence of what they do best. Housed in the brand’s signature sleek casing, the ‘Ingenuity Deluxe’ line employs Parkers patented ‘5TH technology’; equipping the pens with a glide metallic tip that adjusts to the angles of each person’s unique writing style – demonstrating tailored craftmanship.

Engineered with effiecency, the technology also boasts a constant ink flow and an easily changeable refill.

The new collection also comes in a range of rich pallettes and patterns, including Sandblasted Matte, alongside glossy shades and Anodized Aluminium with bold colour barrels in black, deep red and violet.    

The Ingenuity range, from £170;

Writer: Adam Chapman

The notebook has yellow color outer cover

(Image credit: TBC)

All you need is a notebook
8 September

September may signal the end of summer, but Italian notebook manufacturer Moleskine has unveiled a new collection that may just be the perfect antidote to those long winter nights.   

What better way to combat the coldly oppressive winter than to celebrate the vibrant liberalism of the 60’s? The Beatles inspired notebook collection from Moleskine gives off a glowing testament to the iconic band with a range of designs that pay particular homage to the Yellow Submarine film.

Pyschedelia abounds in a plethora of playful covers. Each notebook is complimented with a custom designed Beatlesmania sticker set. The Beatles Limited Edition Notebook Collection from Moleskine offers an invigorating alternative to the all too conservative deskware.

From £14.95,

Writer: Adam Chapman

This phone has a large camera

(Image credit: TBC)

In focus
7 September

Iconic Swedish brand Hasselblad made quite an impression earlier this summer with it's compact X1D camera, and now they are set to take portability one step further…

To celebrate their 75th anniversary the photography experts have launched the '4116 collection', a range of products and collaborations. Among them - and arguably most captivating of all - is their teaming up with Motorola to revolutionise mobile photography.

The slim 'Hasselblad True Zoom' seamlessly snaps into place by way of magnets, adding a 10x optical zoom and a Zenon flash to the Moto Z smartphone. While it is true that mobile photography has come along in leaps and bounds over the years, this nifty add-on may just top them all.

Writer: Sam Rogers

There are some notebooks and a plaster , etc....

(Image credit: TBC)

Station(ery) master
6 September

We just can’t get enough of Tom Dixon’s endless ingenuity. The dynamic designer’s latest venture see’s him making his stylistic mark on the world of stationary.

Far from plain and mundane, Dixon’s iteration on essential deskware is (as expected) an imaginative one. Luxury and functionality intertwine in a range that’s comprised of three different sets – ‘COG’, ‘CUBE’ and ‘INK’.

Remarkably robust, The COG collection, inspired by great British engineering, is made from Brass-plated solid Alluminium. The cog pencil and desk tidy is the perfect accompaniment to the crisp, gold-edged notebooks that can be found in the INK range – immortalising not only the written word but also the utensils employed in creating it. Fully decking out the desktop is the CUBE set, with its sleek, minimalist, zinc alloy and copper plate additions such as the stapler, pen and tape dispenser.

Once again, Tom Dixon elevates the ordinary.

Writer: Adam Chapman

The wall is made up of red bricks

(Image credit: TBC)

Off the wall
5 September

Cycling has always been an aesthetically alluring pastime, segueing between the classic clean lines of vintage steel, ruggedly muscular mountain bikes and the space-age geometries of carbon racers (give or take a few bulky hybrids and ungainly city bikes). In recent years, its outlying elements have been playing catch-up – canny labels, particularly, are finally developing fashion-forward cycle wear – though the aspect of security has always been functional at best.

British brand Hiplok is looking to change that with Airlok. The world's first Gold Rated bicycle storage hanger, the compact design is attractively minimalist, constructed in hardened steel with an impact-resistant outer casing hiding the lock's frame and fixings. Securing the frame with a single hardened steel pin, the design is proof that, in the resolutely unsexy world of cycle storage, form and function needn't be mutually exclusive.

'To date there hasn't been a stylish yet secure means of storing your bike – the choice has been unsightly ground anchors or beautiful wall hangers with no security,' says Hiplok's co-founder Ben Smith. 'Airlok solves this problem, combining top level security with elegant, functional design.'

Funding for Airlok is currently being crowdsourced via Kickstarter.

Writer: Tom Howells

A bottle of Moonshine liqueur

(Image credit: TBC)

2 September

London Distillery collective Sweetdram’s first limited edition release is their own take on American moonshine, produced in collaboration with their friends at Kings County Distillery in Brooklyn, New York.

Paying tribute to Kings County and its rich moonshine culture, Sweetdram shied away from synthetic flavourings and sugar, instead opting to infuse their white whisky blend with a botanical recipe to include subtle flavours such as sour cherries, peppery vanilla notes, coriander seeds and hibiscus.

The result is a balanced and unique liqueur which is intended to be enjoyed slowly sipped neat, or mixed into whisky cocktails providing a unique and vibrant twist on classic flavour combinations.

From $40 - Available from Astor Wines and Kings County Distillery. For more information visit the Sweetdram

Writer: Sara Sturges

It looks like a small hand fan

(Image credit: TBC)

Gone with the wind
1 September

'Cool' and 'compact' are the two words that spring to mind when talking about this neat, new gadget from Japanese designers Jiyoun Kim and Junyoung Jang.

The ‘Conbox’ is an electronic fan that offers something more than its ‘built to function’ and more often than not, cumbersome counterparts. It boasts an impressive 99 different wind power levels; all of which can be remotely adjusted via a smartphone app.

Abound with playful ingenuity, the joints can be taken apart and packed into the base of the fan, transforming the device into a convex shape that can double as a decorative piece during the winter months. The choice of neutral palettes also underscores the Conbox’s all-year-round appeal – a tasteful accompaniment to any room, come rain and shine.

Writer: Adam Chapman

This looks like an cocktail advertisement

(Image credit: Helen Abraham)

Artistry of mixology
31 August
A staple of any bar, the gin and tonic can trace its roots to the British Raj some 200 years ago. Its variations are plenty – some add a splash of liqueur, others opt for exotic garnishes – but until now have tended to be formulaic. Enter Bombay Sapphire's 'Artistry of the Ultimate Gin & Tonic' series, a half-year collaboration with six mixologists hailing from London's finest bars. Each of them has given a different spin to the classic beverage and presented it in wildly inventive style. Dav Eames of Gilbert Scott has devised a layered, green and yellow 'G & Ice T' with thyme and elderflower tonic snow. Cocktail Trading Company's Andy Mills turns up the theatrics by pouring his 'Whoops Daisy' in to a milk jug, and serving it with syrup that spills from dropped wine glass – reminiscent of a Massimo Bottura creation. Not to be outdone, 'Nature's Yield', a concoction by Heddon Street Kitchen's George Simmons, manages to include a Bonsai tree with hanging tonic droplets. Others have experimented, with great success, with nettle beer, barrel aged fermented tonic and peashoot-infused Bombay Sapphire. Proof that in the right hands, the gin and tonic is more exciting than ever.

Available at individual partner bars until 11 January 2017;

Writer: TF Chan

The mirrors looks like hand fan

(Image credit: TBC)

Mirror, mirror
30 August

The hand mirror is an innately personal object, and brining a new polish to the piece are industrial designers Joseph Guerra and Sina Sohrab, aka. Visibility, for New York-based manufacturer Good Thing.

Made by polishing a piece of stainless steel until it reflects your own image, a corner of the surface is dipped into industrial rubber to create a comfortable and modern grip. At its heart it speaks of utility, ingenuity and – at £29, exclusively at the Conran Shop – of universal accessibility.

Each mirror from £29;

Writer: Sam Rogers

The outer case of the candles are made of stones

(Image credit: TBC)

Stone Candle
26 August

Technically, British design brand Tom Dixon has a 'new' entry in its accessories range, but we think this term is just a formality; as once again the company’s ethos is fully on display in the Stone Candle – artfully transforming a traditional material into an item of tasteful functionality.

With marble the material of choice, every purchase promises uniqueness as each individual block has its own distinct design.

The deep, verdant green palette elicits the impression the candle has been fashioned out of forestry; fitting since the organic essence is comprised of dry exotic fig and sandlewood.

The Tom Dixon Stone Candle brings woodland warmth into the home.

The Stone Candle collection, from £65;

Writer: Adam Chapman

There are eight shades of nail polish

(Image credit: TBC)

Nailed it
24 August

We recently lauded the benefits of Context’s skincare range, and hot on its heels is the arrival of the brand’s first colour collection – lipsticks and nail polishes to match.

Available in eight quintessential shades, Context has created a ‘5-free’ formula nail polish that’s devoid of formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene, DBP and camphor to ensure that its polishes are non-toxic, 100% vegan and cruelty free. Similarly, its matte lipsticks are boosted with a cocktail of antioxidants and botanical oils to ensure that lips are conditioned, protected from free radicals and left supple, while its full coverage rich tones are being worn. Both ranges from the New York-based brand are available in a palette of universal shades of nude, red, berry and pink, to ensure there is something for everyone.

Nail lacquer, $15 each; Lipstick from $20;

Writer: Pei-Ru Keh

The drinks are served

(Image credit: TBC)

Summer drink
24 August

Attention all Londoners: If you are longing to unwind with a cocktail in the countryside without having to venture outside the city (just go with it), the Hilton Bankside Hotel’s distillery bar has teamed up with independent gin brand Little Bird Gin to launch the Little Garden; infusing pastoral charm into a refreshing summer spirit.

Independent florist All For Love has crafted the little rural retreat on the distillery’s bar terrace, where customers can enjoy botanical based gin concoctions courtesy of Little Bird Gin and the distillery on a backdrop of colourful plants and vintage barrells.

Executive chef Bates has also created a menu of gin-infused bites to pair with the cocktails, alongaide a host of events. You can savour this summery spot until early September.

The Little Garden, cocktails from £8.00;

Writer: Adam Chapman

This is a tools bag

(Image credit: TBC)

Tools of the trade
23 August

For the individual who likes to get their hands dirty, but still has an appreciation for the finer things in life, Armani Casa’s ‘Harvey’ tool set certainly fits the bill. Stylishly enclosed in a zippered leather case and lined with velvet, the set features a selection of hardworking essentials, including an array of wrenches, two pairs of pliers, a selection of screwdrivers and a hammer – all handmade in Germany. Each piece is elegantly secured in its own place within the leather folio so that whatever dirty work the tools get up to, a level of decorum is always maintained.

'Harvey' tool set, by Armani Casa, $1,460.

Writer: Pei-Ru Keh

It is a Kjaer Weis brand lipstick

(Image credit: TBC)

Look of love
22 August

Simple logic dictates that timeless design should command timeless respect – well at least that’s the theory we at Wallpaper* have always applied when talking about beauty brand Kjaer Weis. Their latest line of lipsticks is no exception to the rule.

Housed in metal casings, each colour is accentuated with a silvery sheen and lent a weighted luxury. The sleek modern shells playfully belie the classic shades contained inside, including: 'Adore', a deep, warm red that harks back to Old Hollywood glam; ‘Believe’, a taupe plum polish; ‘Empower’, a bright, energizing pink; ‘Honour’, a sweet, pale nude colour with a hint of rosy pink and ‘Love’, a fresh, red coral to match any mood.

The Kjaer Weis collection is the perfect marriage of organic ingredients with ergonomic sophistication.

Kjaer Weis lipstick, from $56;

Writer: Adam Chapman

Three vodka tea bottles

(Image credit: TBC)

Different brew
19 August

Tea drinking may be a traditional custom, but a collaboration between Berlin-based tea company Paper & Tea and the East-London based Vodka distillery Our/London also proves that it can be fertile ground for new ideas too.

Their exclusive range of vodka tea infusion kits blend P&T’s earthy and organic whole-leaf tea with Our/London’s smooth, sweet vodka to create cocktail mixes which can be used to enhance existing recipes or invent new combinations. The experimental infusion kits come in two varieties: Golden Earl and Matcha. Golden Earl combines vodka with an Earl Grey mix of bergamot oil and golden-bud black tea for a warm, citrusy kick, while Matcha, a Japanese green tea infusion, strikes a bittersweet note.

Vodka Tea infusion kits available at Harvey Nichols; from £29.50;

Writer: Adam Chapman

Cooler for drinks bottle

(Image credit: TBC)

Kaelo's cooler
18 August

There's nothing worse than a glass of champagne that is too warm (or, in fact, too cold). Often, the warming drip of the ice bucket not only creates a lot of mess, but changes the notes of those fine French grapes.

Enter the Kaelo – a home-integrated electric bottle cooler that uses Kryolux cooling technology to hit an optimum drinking temperature.

The innovative project is the first from British designer Kevin Jabou, who has focused on a discreet quality for its design. Keeping the aluminium case hidden, only a sleek polished steel rim is on show, along with an illuminated light.

The sophistication doesn't stop there. The Kaelo is activated with a touch of the illuminated rim, the colour of which can be altered to match the hues of your interiors.

For more information, visit the Kaelo website.

Writer: Sujata Burman

Camera lens is in gold color

(Image credit: Lomography)

Art lens
17 August

Lomography has travelled back to the 19th century to create its newest camera lens – the Daguerreotype Achromat 64mm/f.2.9.

Inspired by Charles Chevalier’s 1839 optic lens, used by Louis Daguerre in his first daguerreotype camera, the Achromat houses a Waterhouse Aperture Plate system, ideal for experimenting with drastic focus, watercolour textures and bokeh effects.

The lens comes in a gleaming brass finish, and is compatible with most contemporary digital and analogue cameras, echoing the early days of photography in its design as well as the perfectly imperfect images it can create.

Daguerreotype Achromat 64mm/f.2.9 from £399, available to pre-order now;;

Writer: Mary Pelletier

A man wears a long sleeve T-Shirt

(Image credit: TBC)

Vulpine prepares for autumn with 'Indian Summer'
16 August

Thanks to companies like Rapha and Swrve, cycling fashion is slowly shifting away from the traditional sea of over-stuffed lycra into more urbane territory.

British startup Vulpine has been at the fore of this sartorial micro-movement since setting up in 2012, creating city cycling apparel that works – functionally and aesthetically – both on and off the bike.

For A/W 2016, the brand heads in a more luxury direction, launching four staggered collections. The first, 'Indian Summer', embraces the onset of autumn, comprising lightweight and multipurpose pieces imbued with classic British tailoring. This season also sees material and feature upgrades to existing Vulpine bestsellers, such as as the Harrington Rain Jacket and Merino Alpine Jersey.

Says Vulpine's founder, Nick Hussey, 'We’re completely committed to urban apparel, not as a fashionable fad, but long-term, and I think it’s this passion for quality and specificity of design that customers can see is so authentic and true.'

Vulpine's 'Indian Summer' collection is available now.

Pictured: Men's Long Sleeve Extrafine Merino T-shirt

Writer: Tom Howells

The honey bottles are neatly packed

(Image credit: Duncan Innes)

Bee true
15 August

While Manuka might be the caviar of the honey world, not all are created equal – as Jim McMillan's The True Honey Co. proves.

Built upon a strong ethical base, the New Zealand-based brand prides itself on 'having nothing to hide', from production through to its packaging. The latter – created by Marx Design and Kate Phillips of TypeB – features modern typography, highlighting their pride in their product, while the high MGO ratings (the Methylglyoxal count which relates to the quality of the honey itself, based on the concentration of the natural compound) is the true focal point, representing their authentic, honest and overal healthy approach.;

Writer: Jessica-Christin Hametner

A lady is eating ice cream

(Image credit: TBC)

Cool pops
12 August

What could be cooler than cocktail popsicles? London-based brand LAPP is behind the alcoholic sorbets tingling tastebuds this summer. Matched with an equally vibrant visual campaign, LAPP's ice lollies are made using all natural ingredients (plus the hard stuff, of course), and are either individually wrapped or served in a branded glass. Among their tasty treats are Gin Fizz, Peach Bellini, Melon Spritz (pictured), Strawberry Mojito and a virgin Berry Berry blend; each more refreshing than the last.

Writer: Sam Rogers

The earphones and the ither things are black in color

(Image credit: TBC)

Back to black
11 August

Earphones, when compared to their headphone rivals at least, are meant to be subtle. But that is not to say they need not be refined. Elevating its inner ear game this September is American audio brand Master & Dynamic with a new colour way for their celebrated ME05 Earphones.

The existing ergonomic and elegant tones – warm brass and cool palladium – are joined by a fashionable black-on-black monotone. The acoustics remain sublime, as you'd expect, as do the finishing details like laser etching and mirrored accents. A perfect fit in every which way.

MEO5 Earphones in black, available as of 13 September, from £159;

Writer: Sam Rogers

Dr. Timm Golueke's all in one skincare product

(Image credit: TBC)

All in one
10 August

Renowned German dermatologist Dr Timm Golueke had long searched for the Holy Grail of skincare. ‘I've always been looking for an all-in-one solution,’ he explains, but after years without success, the only logical step was to create his own.

Upon discovering the anti-ageing potential of ferns, Golueke decided to harness its healing and restorative power in his line. The result, Royal Fern, is a collection of state-of-the-art products, each of which promises to tone, tighten and reverse any light-related skin damage.

Writer: Sara Sturges

This lotion is used for hand and feet

(Image credit: TBC)

Cutting edge
9 August

You wouldn't put toxic chemicals on your skin or hair, so why subject your nails to such treatment? Why indeed. The question is stylishly addressed by Margaret Dabbs London and her brand new generation of nail polish.

The treatment-enriched collection promotes nail health and vitality, leaving your talons in better, stronger condition than before (thank you Vitamin E.) Rose botanical extracts help to revitalise and prevent infection, whilst replacing that pungent polish scent with that of wild roses. And there's 72 colours to choose from; all inspired by nature and named after English flowers. Our favourites: Buttercup, Cornflower, Ivy, Gladiolus, Foxglove and Sweet Pea.

Margaret Dabbs London Nail Polish, stocked at Liberty London; £14;

Writer: Sam Rogers

There are two chocolate bars in pink and brown color

(Image credit: TBC)

Sweet release
8 August

Similar to our favorite haute couture brands, Los Angeles chocolate retailer Compartés releases new flavors every season (although, unlike the fashion industry, they have yet to invent new seasons for the purpose of releasing flavours.) The chocolatier­ helmed by city native Jonathan Grahm­ was founded in 1950, when celebrity fans included Marilyn Monroe. The brand's modern revival continues the handmade tradition, wrapping the goods in hip graphics and a poem by Grahm. We recommend the recently released rosé chocolate, a wine-infused bar with crystallised rose petals
or­ for traditionalists­ the richness of cookies and cream.

Compartés chocolates; from $9.55;

Writer: Daisy Alioto

There are three types of drinks

(Image credit: TBC)

Uplifting kick
5 August

London-based drinks brand Botanic Lab is delving into a new sphere of beverages this month with the introduction of BOTANICS, a fresh take on premium organic cold-pressed soft drinks.

Three unique refreshments make up the new range which has been created to offer more sophisticated choices for those seeking a healthier alternative to normal sugar-laden soft drinks in a social environment.

‘Vitalise’ features sencha green tea (sourced from Kyoto), schisandra, goji and strawberry, resulting in a subtle fruity savour, while ‘Fortify’ blends raw turmeric and ginger accented by a hit of fresh chilli with cool spearmint and vanilla notes completing the spicy flavour. Activated charcoal, cold pressed cane grass and raw yuzu give ‘Invigorate’ its inky hue, while a citrusy tang is enhanced with Siberian ginseng that’s both sweet and exotic.

The drinks will launch exclusively at bars and restaurants, starting with 50 All Bar One outlets across the UK.

Botanics by Botanic Lab, from £4.95;

Writer: Jessica-Christin Hametner

The things are arranged in the wooden shelf neatly

(Image credit: TBC)

Modern day general store
4 August

Los Angeles' The Good Liver started off as an online marketplace, but soon after its launch owner Bert Youn decided that he wanted to bring that browsing culture back – the ability to touch and feel an object before purchasing – and consequently opened The Good Liver's permanent retail space in California.

Inspired by William Morris’s famous quote ('have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful') The Good Liver strives to present a meticulously curated selection of the highest quality homewares, sourced from all corners of the globe.

Good Liver; 705 Mateo St. Los Angeles, California, 90013;

Writer: Sara Sturges

This bag contains the collection of travel essential

(Image credit: TBC)

Travel essentials
3 August

The latest offering from skincare guru Linda Rodin’s lustrous Olio Lusso line is the long awaited addition travel-sized collection. The small, but perfectly formed set contains the essential edit of Rodin favorites and comes conveniently packaged in a size suitable to stash away in your carry-on, making it a great treat for any weekend getaway or a perfect present for a jet-setting loved one. The luxurious series of oils and creams includes the Luxury Hand & Body Crema, Luxury Hair Oil, Jasmine & Neroli Luxury Body and Face Oil; all of which come encased in a sleek dusty pink patent travel case. 

RODIN olio lusso travel kit; from £170;

Writer: Sara Sturges

Decorate the bowl using apple and berries

(Image credit: TBC)

Power breakfast
2 August

It is not unusual to think that food stuff free of sugar, grains, gluten and/or dairy are also free of joy, but quinoa based breakfast brand Qnola has started a revolution to change the way we think of the first meal of the day.

Available in Waitrose nationwide (UK) as of this week, Qnola is designed to start your day right using all-natural, wholesome ingredients whilst cutting out processed and refined foods. The supermarket chain will stock the Almond + Vanilla blend (pictured right) – with its warming cinnamon kick and bountiful blend of raw nuts, seeds and toasted coconut – but the full Qnola pantry of goods are also available via their website.

Qnola; from £7 for a sample selection;

Writer: Sam Rogers

Different colors of combs

(Image credit: TBC)

Brush up
1 August

Based in Seattle, Washington, Bixby Combs was born out of founder Mark Kiczula's wish to design a beautiful utilitarian and ergonomic comb with just the right amount of 'drag'. (Drag, he explains, is 'the perfect distance between two adjacent bristles and their length.')

Lovingly hand-carved and heat formed using traditional shaping out of a solid sheet of Zyl - a cellulose acetate - Bixby combs are available in a wide playful array of colour combinations sizes and bristle widths.

Writer: Sara Sturges

The glasses are arranged in the table

(Image credit: Micky Hoyle)

Bold moves
29 July

If the craft beer weren't enough a pull, Mad Giant's maximalist interiors would certainly seal the deal.

The brewery/restaurant in Johannesburg's Ferreirasdorp was designed to embody the spirit of the craft beverage created here, brewed by local chemical engineer Eben Uys. Haldane Martin's interiors make a bold and ambitious play of scale, masterfully mixing materials and colour with audacious aplomb. The industrial feel of the brewery itself is mirrored in the Meccano-inspired furniture, while playful and graphic elements - like the cast concrete bars in the shape of a giant bottle cap - add a spirited flourish to the mega-space.

Less imposing but no less impressive is the restaurant itself, Urbanologi, which serves up Asian street food with a contemporary twist under the watchful eye of Chef Angelo Scirocco.

Mad Giant; 1 Fox St, Johannesburg, 2048, South Africa;
Writer: Sam Rogers

The back portion of this ratio is red in color

(Image credit: TBC)

Sweet sounds
28 July

Anniversaries, we all know, are special occasions. To celebrate their 30th anniversary, Ruark Audio have a unveiled a limited edition of their most iconic designs: the R1 tabletop radio.

Swiss Red soft lacquer, bespoke RotoDial control system and OLED display come together with a rich walnut, soft black or delicate white interface to make this, the third generation of compact radio, more stylish than ever.

True to its roots of creating high fidelity speaker systems, the anniversary edition of the R1 marries vintage inspiration and modern design with beyond faultless audio. Sometimes good sound can come in a small package.

Ruark R1; £199;

Writer: Sam Rogers

The handle of this mirror is flexible

(Image credit: Claire Payen)

Sitting pretty
27 July

Founded in 2014, Brussels-based design duo LeviSarha are known for their simple, functional creations and clean aesthetic.

Headed by Sarha Duquesne and Levi Dethier, LeviSarha's latest design to catch our eye is their striking series titled ‘Constellation Mirrors’, pictured. The set of three speckled monochrome mirrors are fashioned out of leftover acrylic stone panels. The series’ clean form and sleek aesthetic was achieved by milling into the acrylic and seamlessly placing a thin sheet of silvered glass into the created void.

Photography: Claire Payen;

Writer: Sara Sturges

This is a facial concentrate

(Image credit: TBC)

Shine on
26 July

Eschewing oily, thick creamed alternatives, Aesop's reformulated Lucent Facial Concentrate is a light, water-based solution. That is not to say it is watered down however, combining Vitamin C, Vitamin B3 and Sodium Carregeenan to rejuvenate and fortify. Half a teaspoon of the serum poured onto hands and gently massaged into skin is enough cleanse and tone.
The Lucent Facial Concentrate is presented in a 60ml amber glass bottle with pipette, a simple nod to the science involved.
Lucent Facial Concentrate; £77 for 60ml; available from 5 September;

Writer: Adam Chapman

Three different varieties of tea

(Image credit: TBC)

Hot and cold
25 July

If cold brew coffee was 'the thing' to drink last summer, then this year's drink du jour is cold brew tea.

London Tea Club founder Cecelia Lau touts the cool beverage as the more refreshing alternative: 'it has a lovely sweet, smooth and mellow flavour, and contains lower levels oaf caffeine than traditionally hot brewed beverages,' she explains.

Her Apricot Peach cold brew is downright delightful, but green, white an oolong teas are surprisingly sweet too. To make simply place one heaped teaspoon of tea for every 200ml of cold water in a teapot, glass pitcher or thermos and allow to steep overnight. Strain and serve with garnish – mint, citrus slices or berries – and enjoy.

Membership to London Tea Club, from £10/month;

Writer: Sam Rogers

The bottle is blue in color

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Little blue bottle
22 July

New York-based skincare brand Malin+Goetz's latest launch is the closest we could ever dream of coming to a bonafide youth elixir.

Keeping true to their roots of creating products that are kind but effective on sensitive skin, their Recovery Treatment Oil aims to combat signs of ageing and renew skin's appearance though natural means. A luxurious blend of nine natural oils and powerful anti-oxidants like argan, jojoba, geranium and camellia oils among others come together to soften lines, improve elasticity, reduce inflammation and condition skin.

The light formula absorbs in seconds, leaving skin radiant.

Malin+Goetz Recovery Treatment; 30ml from £62;

Writer: Sam Rogers

This a hair care product from Triumph & Disaster

(Image credit: TBC)

Ponsonby Pomade
21 July

Triumph & Disaster’s Ponsonby Pomade lists the fabulously named red resin, Dragons Blood, as one of its key ingredients. Along with Harakeke (a New Zealand Flax plant) and Argan oil, this modern day water-based pomade styles your hair while simultaneously dispensing a treatment tonic. 

Named after Auckland’s gentrified Ponsonby Road, the styling aid, which comes in a retro-inspired tin, nods its quiff to a bygone era, but is firmly in the 21st century in its alchemy.

Ponsonby Pomade by Triumph & Disaster from £19.99;

Writer: Claire-Louise Wilson

Orange ,rose and blue color patterned bottle

(Image credit: TBC)

Toast of the Tate
20 July

Following on from Peter Saville's novel morph of Tate Modern's towering new addition, he and Tate Design Studio have come together to create a rather spirited new collaboration: a can design for Switch House beer.

Brewed by local family firm, Fourpure Brewing Co.'s pale ale was development in tandem with Tate Modern to celebrate the London museum's grand unveiling. The same bright geometric shapes of Saville's graphic representation pop against the bare aluminium backdrop; materials selected to illustrate the stripped-back aesthetic and material purity of Herzog & de Meuron's impressive build. Now that is Design we can definitely drink to.

Writer: Sam Rogers

Three types of Berlin perfume

(Image credit: TBC)

Science of scent
19 July

Berlin’s niche perfume brand Frau Tonis Parfum, whose hand crafted fragrances counter the big corporate names by eschewing extravagant ad campaigns and letting their scents do the talking, further play into the unique and personal through the unveiling of their Edgy Berlin scent box. 

A triptych of sensual essences, the box contains three distinct perfumes that are presented in laboratory vials. Oud Weiss which conjures up a combination of incense, amber and oud resin, Bogota Berlin fused together figs, cedar wood and violet leaves; and Aventure, a mix of vetiver and patchouli with a heady hit of spicy rose pepper.

Housed in the test tubular containers, Frau Tonis Parfum’s latest range is an ode to the science of smelling.      

Scent Box 'Edgy Berlin' by Frau Tonis Parfum from €39;

Writer: Adam Chapman

The sauces are placed on the small pieces of rocks

(Image credit: TBC)

Freshly picked
18 July

For those who have a penchant for pesto we recommend delving into the range by Sauce of Nature. Offering a tantalising twist on the traditional red and green variations, founder Emma Edwards has combined her love of the condiments and nature to create three distinctive flavours: Walnut Pea Mint, Sage Truffle and Rocket Dill Chili, all organic and free from preservatives. The premium pesto can be added to any dish or simply enjoyed on its own.

Sauce of Nature; from £4.50;

Writer: Adam Chapman

Two bottles of facial oil

(Image credit: TBC)

Feed your skin
15 July

Face oils are nothing new, although their popularity have surged of late. Combining the power of healthy eating with skincare, Votary's new Super Seed collection trumps them all.

A fragrance-free blend of 21 Super Seed oils – grape seed, pumpkin, strawberry, flax, rose hip, meadowfoam, calendula, hemp and chia seed among others – are combined with a potent mix of hydrating Omega-3 fatty acids, anti-inflammatory Alpha Linolenic Acids and anti-ageing Ellagic Acid, making a truly powerful and nourishing addition to any beauty regime.

As modern as it is minimal, you only need four drops of the cleansing and facial oil per application. Get ready to glow.

Votary Super Seed Facial Oil, 50ml, £70; Super Seed Cleansing Oil, 100ml, £55; ; available at Liberty London

Writer: Sam Rogers

Sprinkles are used for ice cream toppings

(Image credit: TBC)

Sweet escape
14 July

Try to keep your cool, if you can, with this news: the Museum of Ice Cream is popping up at NYC’s Meatpacking District.

Steps from the High Line and Renzo Piano’s Whitney Museum, lucky visitors can enjoy a swimmable rainbow sprinkle pool, edible balloons, an immersive chocolate room and a collaborative massive ice cream sundae.

A custom app, created in collaboration with Tinder, will help visitors find their flavour of the month; the ultimate modern-day romance, in our book. But the cherry on top will be art by Harif Guzman, Lizzie Darden, Apostrophe NYC and more.

In true ice cream fashion, it’s only temporary, so plan accordingly.

The Museum of Ice Cream; 100 Gansevoort Street, 29 July - 31 August;

Writer: Daisy Alioto

This perfume bottle is in pink color

(Image credit: TBC)

Blooming beauty
13 July

Acqua di Parma’s Le Nobile line of feminine fragrances dedicated to the flowers typical of grand Italian gardens has a new addition this month in the form of Peonia Nobile.

A unique interpretation of the spring-blooming flower, in-house nose François Demachy has combined the essence of the Royal Magenta peony with a kick of pepper, soft note of raspberry and an enhanced floral body with geranium, fresh freesia and Turkish rose.

From £108 for 100ml;
Writer: Oyin Akande

It looks like a picnic bag

(Image credit: TBC)

Bastille Day
12 July

Fancy a pique-nique à la française? For France’s National Day, celebrated on 14 July, pastry maverick Sébastien Gaudard has imagined the perfect picnic box.

Best sampled in the Tuileries Gardens, across the street from his second boutique, the set pays tribute to Catherine de’ Medici royal manners: a duo of seasonal salads, finger-sized Croque Monsieur, Alain Milliat fruit juices and traditional patisseries revisited with style (Duchesse Café, Chocolate Éclair, Fruit Tarte). An elegant menu best served with Louis Roederer champagne or, for the most aristocratic, a bottle of Krug Grande Cuvée.

Picnic set available from La Pâtisserie des Tuileries, €40 for 2 persons (minimum), plus additional costs for rosé wine and champagne;
Writer: Clara Le Fort

This perfume bottle is from Byredo

(Image credit: TBC)

Scent sensation
11 July

Grasse-born, New York-dwelling nose Jerôme Epinette has done it again, with his latest fragrance for Byredo. Ticking all the ingredient boxes that make for a modern day olfactory hit (a dusty rose, ‘black’ leather, musk, and patchouli and a few inspired additions – to the top, amaretto and nutmeg, to the heart, ylang ylang), the sensual new scent Cuir Obscur has cross-seasonal, cross-gender, and we are fairly sure, cross-continental appeal.
Cuir Obscur eau de parfum; 50ml from £90;

Writer: Emma Moore

There are two bottles on the left side

(Image credit: TBC)

Materia medica
8 July

Danish design studio Frama recently recently announced the release of its St. Paul’s Apothecary Collection of care products inspired by its historic store in Copenhagen.

When the minimalist concept store relocated to St. Paul’s Apothecary in 2014, the contemporary minimalism of the studio’s brand was given an oddly perfect backdrop in the building’s original 1800s woodwork and architecture. Embracing the history, the studio released the new collection, consisting of a hand soap and hand lotion, both a subtle blend of sandalwood, cedar wood and ylang ylang, and an Eau de Parfum that is available in sandalwood, cedar wood and lemongrass. The sleek packaging of Italian-sourced glass bottles and beautiful minimalist labels are all in keeping with the aesthetics of the studio.

Hand wash and hand lotion will be available this autumn in 375ml & 500ml;

Writer: Oyin Akande

Three layers of cake

(Image credit: TBC)

Icing on the cake
7 July
Venerable pastry chef Pierre Roelof is currently in the midst of his Dessert Studies project. Testament to his eye for invention and refinement, the Melbourne-based culinary connoisseur’s latest undertaking is a creative collaboration with different artists in their respective fields who are inspiring new desserts for his acclaimed Dessert Evenings menu, now in its seventh year. Roelof honours their artistry by interpreting their signature work in confectionary form.

First up on the menu is the ‘Tower Dessert’ inspired by architect Andrew Maynard’s ‘Tower House’.  Other upcoming culinary collaborations include Cindy-Lee Davis, the director of design company Lightly, Michelle MacKintosh, the author behind the book Care Packages, nail stylists Rohani & Rosalie, jeweller and ethical taxidermist Julia deVille and illustrator and designer Beci Orpin.

Writer: Adam Chapman 

The hat is in green color

(Image credit: TBC)

Hard hat
6 July

The thought process behind Helmet brand Hedon's latest collection, Cortex, is to protect the prefrontal lobe (or, you guessed it, 'cortex’)  the part of our brains connected to our sensory stimulus. Which lends itself beautifully to the company’s ethos, which encourages the pursuit of ‘hedonism’. Furnished with genuine calf leather and a medley of shades available with matt and glossy finishes, the pared-down simplicity offers a nostalgic alternative to its modern counterparts.    

From £199;

Writer: Adam Chapman

Three purses in different colors

(Image credit: TBC)

Bare necessities
5 July

L/Uniform’s beauty case is a classic: Jeanne Signoles’s vision for the brand is to use timeless utility shapes to create sturdy modern-day bags.

'We believe that everyone should be free to invent his own uniform,' Signoles explains. Producing every piece with care, in a manufacturing facility in the South of France, L/Uniform chooses quality fabrics such as cotton-linen canvas or fine leather. Available in numerous colour combinations, this beauty case can be personalised with up to three initials or a monogram.

From €130;

Writer: Clara Le Fort

There is a box from Cire Trudon

(Image credit: TBC)

Ray of light
4 July

Collaborating with couture designer Giambattista Valli, Cire Trudon unveils a duo of candles that encapsulate a carefree summer elegance: Positano and Rose Poivrée. While the first one evokes the flowers and flamboyant citruses of the Amalfi Coast (gardenia, orange blossom, jasmine, magnolia, tuberose and lily), the second one pays tribute to Marie Antoinette’s favourite scent. Inspired by her love of roses, the floral candle has a heady heart note of rose, complemented by lighter top notes of lily of the valley and a hint of Madagascar pepper.

From £70;

Writer: Clara Le Fort

Drawings related to eye makeups

(Image credit: TBC)

Culture Clash
01 July

Catwalk make-up trends in recent seasons have been predominantly  austere, calm and conservative, but finally the mood is changing.

At Fendi’s A/W16 show, models walked the runway with eyes in audaciously clashing colours, forecasting a change in the status quo. It seems that the days of matching and minimalism are drawing to a close: the newest beauty trend has a maximalist outlook – time to trade in your palette of neutral, muted shades to embrace the colour clash. To master the art, accentuate your eyes with a series of loud and vibrant hues. YSL’s Vinyl Couture mascaras provide a dazzling slick of pigmented intensity to lashes, while the eye-popping eyeshadows and kaleidoscopic lipsticks from MAC’s Chris Chang collection would brighten up any look. These new shades prove that make-up doesn’t have to be complementary to be beautiful.

Illustration: Ignasi Monreal. Writer: Sara Sturges

As originally featured in the July 2016 issue of Wallpaper* (W*208)

The cosmetic items are arranged neatly

(Image credit: TBC)

London calling
30 June

Cosmetics giant NARS has opened its first boutique in London, housed on King Street in Covent Garden. Creative Director François Nars teamed up with New York design firm Baron & Baron to envision the sleek 930 sq ft space, reminiscent of the brand’s signature packaging. White lacquer makeup stations, dark wooden floors and splashes of 'Jungle Red' - evocative of NARS’ iconic lipstick - feature on the ground floor, while the lower-level VIP area is decorated with a marble bookcase showcasing Nars’ titles. An exclusive music mix by Les Jumeaux adds to the chic ambience, as do the floor-to-ceiling visuals, featuring the latest campaign images. The result is both confident and classically NARS. 

9 King Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2E 8HN

Writer: Jessica-Christin Hametner

The logo on the bottle looks like an animal

(Image credit: TBC)

La Siesta
29 June

London-based Hector Serrano has joined forces with Alberto Martinez and Ricky Martinez to boost the collections of Valencia-based outdoor furnishing experts, Gandia Blasco, with the ultimate al fresco dining accessory: La Siesta.

The water carafe-cum-drinking bottle is inspired by the classic plastic water bottle and a traditional Mediterranean botijo – a porous clay water carrier. Made from cooling terracotta with a thermo-lacquered finish in a variety of muted tones, its double-spouted design allows the water to be shared – germ-free; the mouth doesn’t have to make contact with the container – direct from the bottle, reflecting the way a botijo would once have been used.

Writer: Emma Moore

There are four different types of bottles

(Image credit: TBC)

Youth elixir
28 June

Any good sportsperson knows: the best defence is a good offence. The same goes for skin, as far as Dr Nicholas Perricone is concerned.

To that end the Perricone MD has created the Pre:Empt Series, a four-step skincare routine made specifically with Millenials in mind. 'In our 20s, antioxidants production beings to slow down,' explains Perricone, 'ultimately leading to the development of fine lines, wrinkles and uneven skin.' To help stop the process and keep that youthful glow from dwindling, the skincare brand has developed the 'Nrf2 Antioxidant Support Complex', using extracts of turmeric, olive leaf, green tea, cress sprouts and eggshell membrane.

Available as of this month, the beauty regime includes an exfoliating pore refiner, to refine and clarify pores; a skin perfecting serum, to combat fine lines; a brightening eye cream to erase dark circles and fight puffiness; and oil-free hydrating cream to moisturise and nourish. Together, they make a great game plan.

Pre:Empt Series, exclusive at John Lewis from June and on

Writer: Sam Rogers

It is Gordy's cocktail

(Image credit: TBC)

Mixed up
27 June

Ever faniced a cocktail mixer with just a little bit more oomph than your traditional tonic? A tipple with a little more tang? Then Gordy’s Fine Brine is right down your alley.

Concocted by Washington DC-based Gordy’s Pickle Jar, the new canned juice is a filtered version of the company’s popular Hot Chili Spears. With hopes to establish pickle juice as a new, alternative cocktail ingredient, the American firm states that its drinks are produced ‘with sophisticated flavours that are completely unique in taste and texture.’ Well, as they say, whatever tickles your pickle.

Gordy’s Pickle Jar Fine Brine from $16, four-pack;

Writer: Sam Clark

The ring soap is hanged on the wall

(Image credit: TBC)

On a peg
24 June

Shaped like a ring, Sebastian Bergne’s latest creation comes as a graphic addition to any bathroom or kitchen wall. Easy to install, it comes wrapped in a brown bag with its very own adhesive aluminium peg.

'Hanging a soap on a peg keeps it dry and eliminates the need for a soap dish; it turns the soap into a strong decorative element,' Bergne explains.

Using quality materials and fine soaps, the two versions, Emerald and Amber, are both made in England.

From £20;

Writer: Clara Le Fort

This is Marou's chocolate bars

(Image credit: TBC)

Sweet confections
23 June

Coinciding with – and inspired by – the opening of the new National Gallery Singapore, Vietnamese chocolatière Marou has created the trifecta of chocolate collaborations.

Officially launching on July 7, the new range of chocolate bars has three equally tempting variations, flavours specifically chosen to represent a distinct aspect of the building they are inspired by. Plain chocolate exemplifies it's rich history, chilli reflecting its modernity and sea salt conveying transcendence. Further emphasising this distinction through the packaging, the three bars are wrapped in unique colourful patterns created using traditional printmaking techniques. Almost too pretty to eat.

Writer: Sam Clark

This is a lovely handcrafted wooden set

(Image credit: TBC)

Clean lines
22 June

Swiss firm Diiis, founded by Susanne Roser and Martina Staub in 2014 pride themselves on a portfolio of projects which aims to delicately balance functionality with simple, clean aesthetics. The latest product unveiled by the design duo is a set of lathed lime and pear wood circular boxes christened by the name of URZI.

The handcrafted set is lovingly produced in small batches within Diiis’ Basel studio. Stackable and interchangeable, the ensemble allows for an assortment of playful rearrangements based on the user's needs, offering a wide range of options to either proudly display one's prized possessions or conveniently stash away bathroom essentials.

Writer: Sara Sturges

It is a wooden scoop

(Image credit: TBC)

Wooden wonder
21 June

From Cincinnati, Ohio, woodworking shop Brush Factory comes this shapely coffee scoop. Available in walnut or maple with an oak handle, the scoop holds one tablespoon of ground goodness and is the perfect gift.

Brush Factory is the brainchild of partners Rosie Kovacs and Hayes Shanesy. Their ‘bff’ line of custom objects and furnishings is proof that you don’t have to live on the coasts to be a leader in design.

Wooden scoop from $24;

Writer: Daisy Alioto

It is a duck egg cake

(Image credit: Adrian Samson)

Good egg
20 June

In classic Chinese cuisine, salted duck eggs – eggs brined for at least a month – are the quintessential comfort food that accompanies everything from breakfast congee and braised spinach to stir-fried prawns and crabs. But when Hong Kong’s Urban Bakery began filling its piping hot croissants with a gooey molten custard made from salted egg yolks, the salty-sweet combo kicked off the unlikeliest of food crazes that has spread, as it were, through the region.

Singapore’s pastry chefs have led the way with extraordinarily inventive ways of folding the sunny umami filling into every imaginable dessert and pastry. Die-hard fans rank the success of each experiment according to how well the crust stands up to the task of containing the filling without turning into a stodgy mess, and the viscous quality of the ooze when the pastry is cut open.

Lines form early for Toast Box’s Golden Lava Egg Tart, whilst a turf war rages between local cafés Antoinette and Flavour Flings over who makes the better salted egg yolk croissant. Meanwhile, the golden ooze is showing up in waffles, cookies, muffins, rainbow cakes and, this past Easter, hot cross buns.

As originally featured in the July 2016 issue of Wallpaper* (W*208).

Writer: Daven Wu

These are skincare products

(Image credit: TBC)

Natural beauty
17 June

After growing tiresome of his long lasting search to find a fuss-free and suitable unisex skincare line, luxury fashion alum David Arbuthnot bit the bullet and opted to just create his own. Enter Context, a seven piece face care series created by simmering down an overly complex facial routine to just the essential steps.

Enveloped in a modern and minimal packaging, Context’s succinct selection of nutrient-rich products include the Daily Facial Cleanser, which works well at dislodging dirt without drying out the dermis; the Restorative Night Cream which will invigorate and nourish while sleeping; and finally, the high performance Hydrating Cleanser – alcohol free, and infused with Algae Extract – leaving skin smooth, hydrated and refreshed.

Writer: Sara Sturges

They decorated this place using some plants

(Image credit: TBC)

Pulled sugar
16 June

Designed by Philippe di Meo, Yann Couvreur’s pastry shop is the latest opening on the Canal St Martin.

The young French chef is not new to the game: over the years he worked at Trianon Palace, Eden Rock St Barths and Le Prince de Galles. Far from the world of luxury palaces, his first Parisian boutique borrows the codes of American coffee shops, paired with natural elements like oak and green plants. Clad in a sleek copper ‘foil’, a long marble bar runs across the boutique, showcasing perfectly designed pastries such as his tarte au citron, single origin chocolate and Tonka bean éclair or Madagascar vanilla bean mille-feuille, his signature dish.

Yann Couvreur, 137 avenue Parmentier, 75010 Paris

Writer: Clara Le Fort

There are some shades of lipsticks

(Image credit: TBC)

Lip service
15 June

Linda Rodin, the glamorous New York-based stylist behind cult favourite moisturising oil line Rodin Olio Lusso has unveiled her first foray into colour cosmetics with the launch of her coveted line of five lustrous lipsticks.

The creamy formula, which is largely based on her award-winning blend of oils, is infused with a bounty of lip-loving ingredients such as Vitamins C and E to ensure soft, kissable lips with a flawless finish.

The lipsticks, which are beautifully contained in a chic, clear case are available for purchase in five universally versatile shades; a cool toned classic Hollywood red, hot pink, a rich and warm violet berry, a vibrant orange-red – and last but not least – a timeless nude pink, perfect for effortless, everyday wear.

From $38;

Writer: Sara Sturges

There are five colors of toothbrushes

(Image credit: TBC)

Sweet tooth
14 June

Designed lovingly with equal measures of aesthetics and usability, Norwegian designer Andreas Engesvik’s new toothbrushes for Danish brand Hay introduces a welcome dose of of playfulness to this normally subdued sink-side appliance.

Exuding the Scandinavian minimalism for which the brand is well known, the sleek and simple brushes are available in a variety of colour combinations; pink, navy, green, yellow or white and a pair in a two-toned finish. Produced in collaboration with Norwegian dental brand Jordan, this cheerful and colourful toothbrush collection almost certainly promises to brighten up any bathroom.

Writer: Sara Sturges

It is a red wine

(Image credit: TBC)

Perfect pairing
13 June

If someone suggested combining gin and red wine would be a good thing you might question their need for a twelve-step program. In Healesville, part of Australia’s famous Yarra Valley wine-growing region, the distillers at Four Pillars Gin have created a new brew. They’ve taken shiraz grapes, steeped the fruit in the gin for eight weeks, then squeezed the berries into even more Rare Dry Gin to create Bloody Shiraz Gin. The spirit has a gorgeous purple colour with hints of raspberry, juniper and spice.

Drink it straight with a slice of orange, with tonic, which turns it a brilliant pink, or experiment in cocktails. Summer will never look the same again. 

Four Pillars Gine; 700ml from AU$85;

Writer: Carrie Hutchinson

Black and white color soaps

(Image credit: TBC)

Raising the bar
10 June

Portland based John and Linda Meyers, the husband and wife duo behind Wary Meyers, single handedly kickstarted a soap bar renaissance when they launched their line of bright and beautiful striped glycerine blocks. Each soap is lovingly handmade in small batches using a paraben, alcohol and phthalate-free formula free, working up a luxurious lather with ease.

Available in a wide range of sensuous fragrance and colour combinations, they smell as good as they look; favourites include the striking monochromatic Cedarwood & Vanilla or the soothing, pastel-tinted Esprit de Peach.

Meyers' most recent addition to their assortment is a colourful duo of speckled soaps titled Astral and Yuzu, which drew inspiration from the beautiful terrazzo creations of the late Japanese designer Shiro Kuramata.

Soap from $14;

Writer: Sara Sturges

Colorful stick ice creams

(Image credit: TBC)

Nice ice
9 June

With his new range of frozen chocolate treats, Pierre Marcolini is aiming to reinvent the choc-ice. Aptly named Summer at Pierre’s, the new collection of desserts has been launched just in time for summer, with the haute chocolaterie believing the warm weather makes consumers ‘bounce around like honeybees in search of treats, pleasures and refreshment’. The bespoke Esquimau choc-ices are available in six different flavours; vanilla, chocolate, raspberry, caramel, mango and matcha tea, with a choice of five delicious dippings.

Esquimau choc-ice; £3.90 each;

Writer: Sam Clark

Haircare shampoo bottles

(Image credit: TBC)

Mane attraction
8 June

After two years in the works, Jen Atkin has unleashed her much awaited hair care line, OUAI - meaning yes, ‘in that casual, Parisian way’, she explains. Abiding by her mantra that ‘good hair starts from within’, the collection of shampoos, conditioners and styling products offers a line up which promises to volumize, repair or smooth whilst deeply nourishing the hair folicle from the inside out. The LA-based brand's range boasts a roster of meticulously selected ingredients including fish oils and vitamin D which Atkin’s assures will fortify and strengthen, consequently producing healthy happy locks and an envy-inducing, effortless shine. 

Writer: Sara Sturges

There are two glass bulbs

(Image credit: TBC)

Going wireless
7 June

Rediscover the sounds of old vinyl records with Paolo Capello's new analogue speaker for Newblack. Named ‘Louis’, the new product was conceived as non-electric amplifier that represents a combination in craftsmanship and technology. The new wooden device is crafted in a particular way that enhances the volume of a smartphone’s speaker whilst the design is deliberately minimal and retro to convey a nostalgic feel; the perfect union between the present and the past.

Louis non-electic amplifier; €149;

Writer: Sam Clark

Three rolls and box

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Firm favourite
7 June

From Le Labo fragrances comes a new selection of mini candles titled Santal 26 Concrete Votives. Carefully crafted to achieve an authentic rustic aesthetic, the concrete votives feature pots molded from recycled stone dust, and candle wax hand-poured in Mississippi. Charmingly characterful, these concrete creations would no doubt make a great addition to any household.

Santal 26 Concrete Votives; $95;

Writer: Sam Clark