Versace’s new Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II store

Versace store exterior view
(Image credit: Versace)

One of Milan's most important landmark buildings - which also happens to be the world's very first shopping mall - is getting a facelift thanks to Versace. 14,000 square metres of the towering Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, originally built 150 years ago, will be restored over the next 13 months by the Milan-based fashion label. The public work links with the renovation completed inside Versace's brand new boutique inside the Galleria, which features ornate 19th century plasterwork that was uncovered during construction as well as the refurbishment of original cast iron columns, plaster capitals and friezes.

Designed by architect Jamie Fobert, the two storey men's and women's accessories shop makes light of its fancy surroundings. Fobert has designed a brass metal chandelier whose curly edges mimic the historic arabesques dancing over walls, while curved edged shelving has been constructed from transparent plexiglass.

Versace store interior view

(Image credit: Versace)

shoes, purses, glasses in versace store

(Image credit: Versace)

versace boutique interior view

(Image credit: Versace)


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