Le Kasha to Frame: sustainable knitwear pieces to invest in

Put down the polyester! Step away from the synthetics! As autumn approaches, we suggest you invest in snuggly knitted layers from natural origins

Le Kasha AW2019
Le Kasha A/W 2019
(Image credit: Le Kasha)

Cashmere and wool are your long-lasting warming wonders. Here are three timeless brands for bolstering your environmentally-friendly big knit energy...

Le Kasha

Le Kasha AW2019

Le Kasha A/W 2019

(Image credit: Le Kasha)

When Coco Chanel designed her first silhouette-freeing suit collection in the 1920s, she created it using soft Kashmir goat hair supplied by French cashmere manufacturer Le Kasha. Fast forward a century and Le Kasha’s ultra-chic familial successor Mali Marciano is bringing a new, neutral-hued modernity to the Paris-based label, which draws on its luxurious, travel-friendly and comfort-focused heritage.

For A/W 2019, this means clean knitwear pieces in organic hues, crafted using cashmere fiber sourced from the Alashan and Arbus regions of Inner Mongolia, championed as the leading region for producing the highest quality cashmere. 


Frame AW2019

Frame A/W 2019

(Image credit: TBC)

Denim doyens Jens Grede and Erik Torstensson have amped up their upcycled output, with an A/W 2019 collection featuring a range of soft knitwear styles – from tan oversized turtlenecks to dusty periwinkle blue sweaters with cut-out details at the shoulder – crafted from recycled cashmere.

These cosy, lightweight wardrobe classics are crafted from respun fibre in northern Italy, amalgamated from factory offcuts and vintage garments. They place focus on the concept of a circular economy, which champions a closed manufacturing system by reusing and recycling materials and garments.


Phi AW2019

Phi A/W 2019

(Image credit: TBC)

Snuggly Swedish knitwear label Phi has a host of high profile fans, including Byredo’s Ben Gorham. Founded by Scandinavian PR and communications expert Camilla Modin Djanaieff in 2018, the brand is named after the Ancient Greek letter ‘Phi’, which alludes to the Golden Ratio of balance and beauty.

Sustainability is essential to Djanaieff's tranquil sense of harmony, and Phi’s nautically minded striped sweaters, scarves and beanies are crafted in Italy using recycled wool and cashmere. What’s more, the brand’s Phix Kit, complete with colourful threads and cartoonish patches, can be used to mend already owned knits that need a textural touch up.