As World Design Capital 2010, Seoul's creative future is hotly anticipated, and in recent years, Seoul Fashion Week (SFW) has catapulted the city's burgeoning young talent onto the international stage. Forward-thinking emerging designers and progressive South Korean labels are setting SFW apart as a key player in both the Asian and International markets.
This season attracted buyers and media from metropolises including London, Paris and Hong Kong, all of whom were eager to catch a glimpse of Seoul's rising stars. From New York came buyers keen to sniff out collections which demonstrated fresh, unique looks.
Deep tones, shimmering colours, sloping overcoats, draping silhouettes, geometric cuts and triangular compositions permeated the scene. Seoul's natural energy exuded from the collections with a swagger distinctly Korean.
Standouts include Choi Bum-Suk's collaged leathers; Nosgun's serene forms; soft and shimmering masculinity at 8C11C; enchanting draped looks at Alani, and Chang Kwang Hyo's 20-year retrospective collection, which re-asserted the value of technical skill.
Mirroring Seoul's superb street fashion, SFW moves to the upsurging beat currently flowing through the South Korean design scene.