Globe-Trotter continues its retail journey to a Georgian Mayfair townhouse

Very beautiful view of the building.
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Globe-Trotter, Britain's only luxury suitcase manufacturer, which has carried the belongings of clients ranging from Sir Edmund Hilary to Kate Moss and Queen Elizabeth II (HRH's are playfully stamped with 'The Queen') has completed its retail journey from London's Burlington Arcade to its first flagship store on Albemarle street. Located within a converted Georgian townhouse that was formally an art gallery, the 2,594 sq ft property has been designed in collaboration with Christopher Jenner - who's fittingly also the Eurostar's creative director.

Spread over two floors, the light-strewn store includes a leather goods gallery featuring the brand's new Jet handbag line that was some five years in the making, a bespoke lounge - where customers can craft their own unique luggage solutions - and an archive wall, which includes the brand's 2010 Wallpaper* Handmade collaboration, along with limited-edition cases created for Colette, Erdem, Sky Fall and Hermès. Adopting an ebony and ivory colour palette overall, the ground floor's curved walls and tiled 'North Star' floor smartly alludes to the lines of a compass, offering another link to the 117 year-old brand's travel pedigree, while proving a striking addition to Mayfair's streetscape when lit after dark.

Beautiful hall room view.

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Walls were decorated with photos.

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Various suitcase were kept in proper order.

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Suitcase were organised well.

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35 Abemarle Street