To tie in with the theme of traditional American outerwear, we felt we had to make room for a hunting boot that incorporates all the principles and values that have shaped America’s outdoor history. Starting life in 1985, Yuketen was set up by Japanese born Yuki Matsuda whose goal was to seek authenticity of American heritage. An exquisite product, these shoes are locally produced and manufactured and have an integrity Matsuda has ensured is executed throughout all his designs. Something that has to be experienced to be believed, you can take our word that handmade quality with a conscience doesn’t get any better than this.

[B]Gitman Vintage[/B]

The little brother of classic American shirtmaker Gitman Bros., Gitman Vintage has steadily climbed up the rungs of the sartorial ladder since its fledging debut just two seasons ago. Staying loyal to the brand’s library of old line-books, the cult label looks to the glory years of the late 1970s and early 1980s when flannels shirts were a wardrobe staple and Americana rendered itself to the world. The Autumn/Winter 09 collection unleashes a pedigree of authentic looks, this time circa Autumn/Winter 1980. Shirt connoisseurs and patriots alike will be pleased with a plethora of multi-toned flannels, preppy college stripe oxfords, herringbone twills and chambrays.