The everyday alchemy in Clarisse Demory’s set design

Tod's leather shirt and minimalist floral arrangements
(Image credit: Victoria Hely-Hutchinson)

Left, shirt £2560, by Tod's, 'Milano 2015' table lamp, price on request, by Carlo Colombo for Fontanaarta. Right, (from left), 'Neptis' vase, £360, by Brooksbank & Collins, 'Totem' vase €900, by Sara Ricciardi, 'Narcissus' vase, £2900, by Tino Seubert, flowers from Bloom & Wild. As originally featured in the March 2018 issue of Wallpaper* (W*228). Fashion: Lune Kuipers. Set design: Clarisse Demory

‘I love optimising humble materials and turning what’s quirky into something elegant,’ explains Clarisse Demory. ‘I work hard at producing something that doesn’t look too trendy, too obvious or too over done,’ adds the 42-year-old Paris-based creative director, whose collaborative roster includes Sophie Buhai, APC, Lemaire, Villa Lena and famed French antiques market Paul Bert Serpette.

‘I compile ideas and references non stop, from the contemporary art scene to browsing Pinterest, to make sure I’m not blindly jumping into a trend that will make my work obsolete in three months.’

Galop bag, £7330, by Hermès

Galop bag, £7330, by Hermès. As originally featured in the March 2018 issue of Wallpaper* (W*228). Fashion: Lune Kuipers. Set design: Clarisse Demory

(Image credit: Victoria Hely-Hutchinson.)

We were so taken with Demory’s minimalist and polished approach that we asked her to design the set for the Newspaper section of our March ‘Style Special’ issue (W*228) – an overview of our favourite trends, from equestrian accessories to vegan food on-the-go, desk essentials to Japanese coffee gadgets. ‘I balance my inspiration with ideas coming from opposite worlds and always approach my work in a transversal way,’ she says. ‘It has to make sense for me.’ Seamlessly merging art, fashion, floristry, food and interiors, she creates a welcoming world which is covetable and liveable, all at once. 

Having grown up in the countryside of Northern France, Demory’s Paris apartment doubles up as her studio. ‘I have a cellar where I store many accessories and small furniture but it’s full and now my apartment is invaded,’ she jokes. ‘Buying objects I like often facilitates my work because it’s so difficult to find the right object last minute for a client. It takes time to source interesting things. Charity shops are my favourite places!’

‘I was honoured to be invited to experiment with the clothes, objects and home that the editors had selected,’ Demory explains of her Wallpaper* collaboration. ‘I proposed the moods and materials to focus on in order to create a coherent vibe throughout the story, putting together the objects to create an interesting alchemy.’

Newspaper Essence cuisine and vintage tech

(Image credit: Victoria Hely-Hutchinson)

Left, 'Full' bowl, £285, by Sebastian Bergne, 'Goa' chopsticks, £18 for set, by Cutipol, from Amara, 'Broadway White' dessert plate, €23, by Vista Alegre, 'Finesse' glass, £20 for Four, by Nude, seaweed salad, £6, spicy carrot sushi rolls, £6, 'Intense Cacao' drink, £5.50, 'Intense Green' drink, £6, falafel, betroot and tahini wrap, £4.50, 'Intense Roots' drink, £6, all from Essence Express. Right, archive Motorola Brick Phone and Sony Walkman, tape dispenser, £35, pocket diary, £25 both from Present & Correct, 'Dialog 3' pen, £275, by Lamy. As originally featured in the March 2018 issue of Wallpaper* (W*228). Fashion: Lune Kuipers. Set design: Clarisse Demory

Le Local Madame table and chairs

Le Local Madame,

(Image credit: courtesy of Nicolas Sisto)

Villa Lena Memphis lamp and table and Sophie Buhai bag and table

Left, Villa Lena, courtesy of Coke Bartrina. Right, Sophie Buhai,

(Image credit: courtesy of Stella Berkofsky)



(Image credit: courtesy of Adrianna Glaviano)

Maryam Nassir Zadeh x Sophie Buhai flower arrangement

Maryam Nassir Zadeh x Sophie Buhai,

(Image credit: courtesy of Adrianna Glaviano)