CDLP launches loungewear collection with electro-pop artist Sébastien Tellier

French electro-pop artist sports the Swedish brand's debut loungewear collection, an offering of louche pyjamas and robes, in soft woven lyocell fabric deriving from sustainably grown wood

wooden table and armchair
(Image credit: Jonas Unger)

Musing on menswear at the beginning of the 20th century, the polemical architect and theorist Adolf Loos decided that to be well dressed meant to be ‘correctly dressed’. ‘Correctly dressed! It is as if with these words I have revealed a secret that up till now has cloaked our perception of fashion … It is all about being dressed in an inconspicuous manner,’ he wrote.

According to Loos, style is dressing to blend in with your surroundings, avoiding the conspicuous in favour of the collective. But what if, like most of us during the last six months, you haven’t been anywhere but to the shops and back? What are appropriate clothes right now? 

debut loungewear capsule

(Image credit: Jonas Unger)

What we throw on at home has taken on a new, plural significance: ‘our homes have gradually been assuming a more multifaceted role – aside from Covid – rest and recuperation have been joined by work…a lot of which happens on camera,’ Christian Larson, co-founder of luxury men’s essentials line CDLP says. This month marks the release of a debut loungewear capsule, featuring both a long and short minimalist pyjama suit and a tailored robe all in soft woven lyocell fabric deriving from sustainably grown wood. It is indoor attire for the street. 

The attitude is embodied by the French electro-pop artist Sébastien Tellier. He is photographed wearing the line by Jonas Unger with all of the majestic insouciance of a man who represented France in the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest by driving onto the stage in a Tricolour golf buggy, whilst sucking helium from an inflatable globe. ‘Sébastien is one of the best dressed men we know – just naturally cool, soulful and never conforming – he’s his own character,’ Larson says. ‘However, that nonchalance cool isn’t arrogant but instead rather humble and to us, that’s very masculine and very beautiful.’ Very now.

wooden staircase

(Image credit: Jonas Unger)

kitchen with wooden cabinet

(Image credit: Jonas Unger)

cuvert essence

(Image credit: Jonas Unger)


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