This month Prada have launched a tome that documents, comprehensively collates and celebrates the brand’s expansive array of projects – from the brand’s relatively modest Milan-based beginnings through to the major, international, cross-disciplinary projects of recent years.
Spanning an impressive 708 pages, the opulent, double-bound book – which comes coated in a version of Prada’s signature Saffiano leather - documents the span of the brand’s creative undertakings - ranging from the clothes, shoes and bags upon which Prada has made its name, through to the architecture, artistic patronage, curation and industrial design of recent years.
Opening with a brief, foldout history of the brand, the book is divided into two sections. Documenting in detail the fundamental endeavours which take place behind closed doors at Prada HQ – from pattern cutting to architectural planning - the ‘Inside’ section features an intricate photographic essay from longtime Prada collaborator, Brigitte Lacombe.
The second section titled ‘Outside’ chronicles in greater detail the span of Prada’s extra-curricular creative projects: from last year’s Double Club with Carsten Holler and the groundbreaking transformer project in Seoul, through to the recently renovated Prada Fondazione’s philanthropic exhibitions and a filmic collaboration with renowned director Ridley Scott.
It is the creative collaborations highlighted in the book, which offer the most incisive insight into Prada’s approach to cross-disciplinary commingling. With longtime creative partners including Rem Koolhaas and OMA, Herzog & de Meuron and every fashion editor worth his and her salt – alongside a presence in every corner of the globe - Prada’s new bible is a sumptuous, printed affirmation of the brand's inimitable creative status.
Launched with suitably well-appointed flair in Milan earlier this month, the book was sent out into London last night at the Bond Street store - alongside events staged at the OMA-designed Prada epicenters in Tokyo, Los Angeles and New York.