Zegna’s innovation-filled ‘Secondskin’ sneaker began with a pair of leather gloves

Zegna’s ‘Triple Stitch Secondskin’ sneaker sees the Italian house experiment with glove leather for a lightweight shoe, designed to mould to the contours of the foot

Zegna Triple Stitch Secondskin leather sneaker
Zegna’s ‘Triple Stitch Secondskin’ sneaker, which began with a look towards the art of glove making
(Image credit: Courtesy of Zegna)

Zegna strides into spring with the launch of ‘Triple Stitch Secondskin’, a new iteration of its ‘Triple Stitch’ sneaker – a foundational style for the Italian house, which was reinvigorated last year when it returned for S/S 2023.  

Staying true to the style’s principles of functionality and tradition – where a sleek, minimal design meets the historic craft for which Zegna is known – this new version is elevated with the use of ’Secondskin’, a material pioneered by the house. 

Light-footed: Zegna introduces ‘Triple Stitch Secondskin’ sneaker

The research for ‘Secondskin’ began with the brand honing in on the type of leather traditionally used for the creation of gloves to create the exterior of the shoe, while experimenting with a lightweight toe-counter for dexterity. Aptly named, the resulting ‘Secondskin’ leather is less than one millimetre thick and is coupled with Stroblem – a flexible suede-leather fabric finished with a napped surface – for the insole, while a fine lining helps the sneaker to be perfectly form-fitting.

This latest design is expertly crafted in Parma, Italy. Each Zegna artisan is trained for 12 months to become a master of their craft, and a team of 13 is involved in making each pair of ‘Triple Stitch Secondskin’ sneakers. It requires 68 components to create each shoe, involving careful working of the New Zealand calf leather, which has been tanned in such a way as to create a soft, buttery leather made to resist creasing. 

The slip-on ‘Triple Stitch’ sneaker is recognisable for it streamlined silhouette and elasticated criss-cross fashion, which the house says is designed to recall the three hand stitches on a suit lapel. This latest version continues the signature style’s evolution, honing the combination of form and function at its heart.


Zegna's leather materials laid out ready for construction

(Image credit: Courtesy of Zegna)

Zegna shoe model

(Image credit: Courtesy of Zegna)

Zegna Triple Stich being made with SecondSkin leather

(Image credit: Courtesy of Zegna)

Zegna shoe heel being stitched on a sewing machine

(Image credit: Courtesy of Zegna)

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