The Macallan and Bentley Motors have revealed a first look at the extraordinary result of a collaboration between two titans of global luxury.

Bentley, manufacturer of the most sought-after luxury cars, and The Macallan, maker of some of the world’s best whiskies, have combined their storied craftsmanship and expertise to create The Macallan Horizon – a limited-edition single malt whisky with a highly original presentation. While the project remains in development, the prototype has just been revealed. 

Prototype presentation bottle and case for The Macallan Horizon single malt, a collaboration with Bentley

Jaume Ferras, global creative director for The Macallan, remarks: ‘By sharing learnings from both our crafts, built up over generations, what The Macallan and Bentley Motors have created together completely evolves the design of what a whisky product should look like. The Macallan Horizon is a beautifully designed product with innovation at its heart.’

The collaboration melds materials and techniques from the production procedures of both brands. In a nod to the ‘six pillars’ that underpin The Macallan’s approach, it incorporates six upcycled, repurposed or ethically sourced materials (the majority sourced and produced locally in Scotland and the UK) that are integral to the two companies.

These include recycled copper from the distillery stills, aluminium recovered from the Bentley Motors manufacturing process, recycled wood, recyclable glass and locally sourced carbon-neutral leather. Whisky, of course, is the final defining component; The Macallan master whisky maker Kirsteen Campbell (who also spoke to us about the release of The Reach, The Macallan’s oldest ever whisky, earlier this year) developed the flavour profile following a visit to Bentley Motors in Crewe, where she was inspired by their shared passion for creativity, craftsmanship and innovation.

Illuminated detail of The Macallan Horizon whisky case by The Macallan and Bentley Motors

Together, the six key materials form a unique concept that defies the classic, vertical aesthetic of a whisky bottle and reflects the horizontal trajectory of the automotive world. Traditional craftsmanship and materials are met with cutting-edge technology and visionary design that pushes the boundaries of luxury whisky presentation.

Bentley’s product and lifestyle design manager, Chris Cooke, comments: ‘This was a real collaboration between two design teams which sit in very different industries. In the automotive business, we are obsessed with surfaces, form language and reflections, while the whisky industry is focused on craft, attention to detail and flavour. So, for both teams, it was something brand new that we hadn’t done before which was incredibly exciting.’

Detail of horizontal whisky bottle in display case by The Macallan and Bentley Motors

The Macallan Horizon is a beautiful object in itself. Lit from within, and cast in a warm amber glow, with light used as a key element that interplays with the materials – the piece has no standing base and features a glass bottle with a dynamic 180-degree twist.

Says Cooke: ‘If we imagine what the future might look like, it is what we are doing today.’ §