Mortlach and Suchi Reddy’s whisky coasters double as incense holders

‘Rare’ whisky coasters by Mortlach and architect and designer Suchi Reddy double as incense holders to create a fragrant drinking experience

Designer Suchi Reddy with Rare whisky coasters and incense holders, and bottle of Mortlach whisky
Suchi Reddy with the ‘Rare’ whisky coasters-cum-incense holders
(Image credit: Braden Summers)

Mortlach has sought to elevate the whisky-drinking experience with innovative, dual-functioning whisky coasters, created in collaboration with designer and architect Suchi Reddy. Founded in 1823, the Mortlach distillery is globally known for its single malt scotch, its golden hues infused with complex flavour, and last year appointed Philippe Starck as creative director. Released to coincide with Frieze LA 2024, the ‘Rare’ whisky coasters double as incense holders, making them a unique drinking accompaniment.

‘Rare’ whisky coasters by Mortlach and Suchi Reddy

Mortlach whisky, incense sticks and whisky coaster

(Image credit: Brian Bergeron)

Incense may not be the most obvious choice for a whisky pairing. However, scents are used to create ambiance, and Reddy achieved a fine balance that complements Mortlach whisky’s fragrance. Her infusion of cedar and clove creates a cosy and inviting atmosphere that is casually elegant, the perfect partner for the newly launched Mortlach 30 Year Old limited edition, for example.

The coaster design itself nods to Mortlach’s distillation process. In the centre, an intricately crafted disc of tiger’s eye mirrors the amber-speckled colours of the whisky, while a copper overlay nods to its centuries-old stills. Tucked within, an incense paper is embossed with ‘2.81’, the name of the company’s historic distillation process.

Mortlach 30 Year Old whisky and a coaster with a copper surface

(Image credit: Braden Summers)

With each use, incense is scattered on the copper surface and leaves marks on the coaster, capturing a moment and turning the object into a keepsake for the user.

Reddy says, ‘I was thrilled to embark on this collaboration, drawing inspiration from the rich history and pioneering spirit of Mortlach. “Rare” embodies the essence of Mortlach – complex, layered, and inherently beautiful. It's a rare gift that invites us to savour the moment and immerse ourselves in the sensory journey of whisky appreciation.’

round wooden whisky coaster with copper disc surface

(Image credit: Braden Summers)

‘Rare’ whisky coasters by Mortlach and Suchi Reddy are available to purchase from and

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