Coachbuilt is a frontrunner on the blended Scotch whisky circuit

Whisky expert George Koutsakis, and F1 Champion Jenson Button launch Coachbuilt – a premium blended Scotch whisky from all five regions of Scotland

Coachbuilt blended Scotch whisky
(Image credit: Coachbuilt)

Exciting news from the premium spirits circuit as whisky expert George Koutsakis and Formula One racing star Jenson Button have united to create Coachbuilt – their impressive and delicious blended Scotch whisky.

The fortuitous meeting of this duo, both masters of their respective crafts, led them to discover a mutual appreciation of the similarities between coachbuilding and the blending of the best whiskies – each requires knowledge born of experience, great talent, and exceptional expertise.

Jenson Button in a white car, brand ambassador of Coachbuilt blended Scotch whisky

Coachbuilt whisky is made in collaboration with Formula One racing star Jenson Button

(Image credit: Coachbuilt)

The Coachbuilt name refers to the craft and engineering of luxury coachbuilding: the highly precise design and manufacture of the external body of a racing car, which global brand ambassador Button is passionate about. Indeed, the elegant Coachbuilt bottle reflects this, with the forms of car panels and a steering wheel etched into the glass. Button comments: ‘The timing was brilliant – I was in the middle of launching our coachbuilding company Radford [with designer Mark Stubbs and TV mechanic Ant Anstead] when I got introduced to George as he was on a mission to create the ultimate blended whisky.

‘I’ve always loved whisky but didn’t know a huge amount about the blending world. However, the more we talked, the parallels between blending and coachbuilding became pretty apparent. George then sent me an early sample of what he was working on and that was that; I asked how I could get involved and two years later here we are!’

Blended Scotch whisky bottle and glasses with barrels and car in background

(Image credit: Coachbuilt)

On the international whisky circuit, it could be said that blended whiskies have taken a back seat, or even sat in the side-car of the more exalted single malts (each of which is the product of one single distillery) – but a skilful blend is a pinnacle of the whisky-making craft, requiring expert understanding of its different elements to achieve a perfectly tuned result.

As the brand’s founder and CEO, Koutsakis, says, ‘Coachbuilt began from a realisation that blended Scotch whisky does not receive the praise it deserves worldwide. With our whisky we cast the spotlight on the immense skill required to take components from dozens of distilleries across the country, and piece them together, to create a liquid defined by balance and complexity.

Couchbuilt’s founder and CEO, George Koutsakis

Coachbuilt founder and CEO George Koutsakis

(Image credit: Coachbuilt)

‘From sourcing liquid from each region of Scotch whisky, to the final touch added by the sherry cask finish, craftsmanship is the core of our blend,’ he adds. Coachbuilt is a blend of spirits from the five whisky-producing regions of Scotland – Islay, Speyside, Campbeltown, Highlands and Lowlands – each showcasing very different flavour attributes. The result is a beautifully balanced whisky with a depth and complexity of flavour that offers character beyond its years, and rivals some of the best ultra-premiums in the category.

The Coachbuilt blend is smooth, rich and creamy; full bodied and intricate on the nose and palate, with notes of summer fruits and subtle spice, followed by toffee, chocolate and a touch of citrus. The finish is long and soft, with fruit, toffee, and a hint of smoke leading the way.

Whisky bottle and glasses on a barrel

(Image credit: Coachbuilt)

Koutsakis and Button are genuinely excited and justifiably proud of the whisky, and we may look forward to further triumphs from the duo; this first release stands tall as the brand’s flagship expression before the ultra-rare, aged and limited-edition releases that will be coming round the track.


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