More than a decade since Roll & Hill began producing the lighting designs of both established and emerging designers and disrupted the American design industry, the Brooklyn-based company is at it again – this time with a Roll & Hill furniture collection. The expansion comes on the back of Roll & Hill’s acquisition of the Alexis Manufacturing Company in early 2020. Based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and known for its expertise for producing complex wooden components and seating, the 75-year old company is also a well-regarded supplier of seating and components to several big-name companies.

Roll and Hill furniture
The ‘Cross Bar’ table and ‘Three Plane Chair’, both by Campagna. Both pieces are available in a choice of Hard Maple, White Oak and Black Walnut (pictured here)

‘For several years, we have been thinking about different ways to expand upon what we have done over the last decade in lighting. Furniture made a lot of sense because it aligns well with what we already do in terms of sales and production,’ shares Roll & Hill’s founder Jason Miller of the new offering. ‘Additionally, I personally just love furniture. Furniture was my original entry into the design world and I have continued designing pieces outside of Roll & Hill. Buying Alexis Manufacturing gave us the expertise and production capability we needed to make this a reality. Just as we do with lighting, we will continue to make pieces on demand and or course customized when necessary.’

Roll & Hill’s inaugural furniture collection

Roll and Hill furniture
Roll & Hill founder Jason Miller designed the ‘Lexington Table’, while the ‘Taper Counter Stool’ in wood and unlacquered brass are by Karl Zahn

Roll & Hill’s inaugural furniture collection features the design talents of Karl Zahn, the design studio Campagna and Miller himself. Comprised of stools, chairs, a dining table, a bedside table, dresser and a bar table, the eight-piece range hits a strong note with its melange of classic and contemporary elements in a rich material palette.

‘When I started Roll & Hill, there was one mission – to create well-designed contemporary lighting that would appeal to an American audience. At the time, this was somewhat of a novelty. Most of what was considered good contemporary design came from European companies and, as a result, there was a disconnect with the American consumer. I wanted to bridge that gap,’ Miller reflects. ‘The design landscape has changed quite a bit since the first decade of this century, but I still think our mission holds true. There are not a lot of manufacturing companies in the US that focus on contemporary design. Our furniture will fill the void.’

Roll and Hill furniture
Karl Zahn’s ‘Taper Bar Stool’ in Black Walnut

Roll & Hill’s purchase is indicative of its commitment to advancing the idea of American design, in more ways than one. In addition to using time-honoured methods to produce contemporary furniture pieces, preserving Alexis’ own manufacturing heritage is also a key focus. This is exemplified not just by the number of craftspeople and makers who have been retained, but also by the fact that it will continue to fulfill its contract business obligations under the Alexis name.

With more pieces set to come throughout 2021 and beyond, expect Roll & Hill to bring the same dynamism to American-made furniture as it does with lighting time and time again. §