A David Chipperfield-designed New York residence hosts Radnor’s furniture launch

A photo of an apartment lounge with tall windows and furniture, including: a black round three-legged table with small-back chairs; a grey sofa, a collection of indoor plants and a yellow side table.
Radnor Made has been unveiled inside the David Chipperfield-designed residence, The Bryant.
(Image credit: Matthew Williams)

Since it was founded a little over two years ago, the fledgling furniture company Radnor has been hard at work creating a collection of accessible, yet well-made objects that celebrate handcraftsmanship and natural production processes. Founded by Susan Clark, Radnor began by carrying a collection of lighting, furniture and homewares, including exclusive product lines produced collaboratively with each designer.

At its core, however, Radnor has always wanted to produce its own collection – a box that’s been ticked this month for New York Design Week with the unveiling of the Radnor Made collection. Installed in a two-bedroom apartment within the David Chipperfield-designed residence, The Bryant, Radnor’s full offering will be presented in an enviable setting, titled ‘Material Interiors’ co-curated by the design studio, Workstead, and available to experience until the end of June.

‘Radnor is built on an ethos of accessible, elevated living. We seek out and support designers who create unique, mindfully-made objects… [and] strive to enable more people to enjoy the texture and depth of handmade products in their homes,’ says Clark. ‘The Radnor Made Collection was developed with the goal of creating a series of pieces produced with an integrity of process. We considered the materials, production processes and mindsets that went into their conception and actualisation. This rigorous exploration of alternative approaches is integral to Radnor’s philosophy and at the heart of our goal of contributing to a highly skilled, ethical and sustainable community of design and craftsmanship.

A photo of an indoor pot plant with a yellow vase and a wooden chair and a yellow cushion.

Radnor launched inside New York residential building, The Bryant

(Image credit: TBC)

Offset by The Bryant’s herringbone oak floors and terrazzo accents, Material Interiors highlights a sophisticated cross-section of American design, while celebrate the warmth of Radnor Made’s inaugural collection. Featuring designs from the New York firm Bunn Studio and the Portland, Maine-based craftsman Adam Rogers, the debut offerings include Bunn Studio’s Pillar series – a range of Danish-inspired solid wood seating, its Halyard textiles, which put a contemporary geometric spin on nostalgic corded rugs, and Rogers’ Mae series – a sofa, set of upholstered lounge chairs, desk, shelving system, leather cushioned bench and bed frame with a cane headboard that all exude the same simplicity of form and affection for the woodworking process.

‘[These] works elevate, while simultaneously celebrating the process of their making in the essence of the design,’ explains Clark. Whether its the understated, visible joinery in Rogers’ Mae bed, or Studio Bunn’s enhancement of the wood’s natural grain with the shape and positioning of dowels in its Pillar chair, each piece in the new collection exemplifies the collaborative open dialogue between designer and brand that underlines the Radnor Made collection’s pieces.

Rounded out by other introductions from a roster of talents, including Julianne Ahn, Oyyo, Marie Eklund and Workstead, and pieces from Pelle, Egg Collective, Loic Bard, Pat Kim and Farah Sit, Material Interiors is an inspiring effort from Radnor that speaks well beyond its years.

A photo of a double bed (wooden frame) in the centre of the room with grey linen and a cane head board. Can side tables on either side.

Included in the Mae series by Adam Rogers is a simple wooden bed frame with a cane headboard

(Image credit: TBC)

A photo of an apartment room with large floor to ceiling windows. Featured in the room is a navy sofa on the left, a round white coffee table in the middle and a navy blue side table next to the sofa. In the background is an indoor plant and lamp.

Radnor’s full offering is presented in an enviable setting, titled ‘Material Interiors’ co-curated by the design studio, Workstead

(Image credit: TBC)

A wood-style bookshelf on the left, next to a white table in the middle with a brown top, a large indoor plant and a white chain.

Each piece in the new collection exemplifies the collaborative open dialogue between designer and brand that underlines the Radnor Made collection’s pieces

(Image credit: TBC)

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