Mini golf is given a teasing twist in the hands of artist duo Craig & Karl, whose nine-hole course promises to bring colour and playfulness to London’s Canary Wharf for summer 2022. A new immersive and interactive installation, Minigolf rethinks the classic course as a series of vividly drawn sculptures. Each volume is drawn in bold colours and together they create a joyful clash of patterns.

Minigolf installation by Craig & Karl

‘We hope our design brings a sense of surprise and delight and ultimately enhances the experience of playing the course,’ Craig & Karl say of their colourful mini golf installation. ‘The element of surprise is one of the things we love about creating work for public spaces – encountering something in an unexpected context can make it quite powerful.’

The vibrant course in Montgomery Square, set to be open daily in summer and free for all to play, is the latest addition to the area’s growing collection of public art.

rainbow golf installation by Craig & Karl at Canary Wharf

For Craig & Karl, the installation is a natural progression of their practice, building both on the colourful body of work they have created for clients such as Adidas, The New York Times, Sephora and Colette and on the projects they have had exhibited around the world, at locations including the Musée de la Publicité (Paris), the Onassis Cultural Centre (Athens), Museum for Contemporary Art (Mexico), and the Museum of the Moving Image (New York).

The project also carries a personal meaning for New York-based Craig Redman and London-based Karl Maier. For Maier, the installation is a chance to relive the mini golf he played regularly while growing up in his native Australia, and brings the same spirit of fun to his adopted hometown. §

colourful golf installation by Craig & Karl
mini golf