Hem’s playful new Los Angeles home includes a ‘Confetti Courtyard’

Stockholm-based design studio
Stockholm-based design studio Hem opens its first US showroom in Downtown Los Angeles.
(Image credit: Lauren Moore)

Local know-how goes a long way when it comes to learning about a new place – a philosophy that the Stockholm-based design studio Hem took to heart when creating its first showroom space on American soil. Located in Downtown Los Angeles, Hem’s new home opened last week in an industrial warehouse space that it also shares with the wood flooring specialists Madera.

What seems like a raw, nondescript building from the outside (albeit painted coral) opens up as a warm, colourful showcase of Hem’s minimalist collections on the inside. Set against an abundance of exposed brick walls, blackened steel windowpanes and loft-style windows, the inviting tactility and easy playfulness of Hem’s pieces easily shines through.

Confetti Courtyard’ by Clark Thenhaus/Endemic Architecture at Hem’s new LA space

‘‘Confetti Courtyard’ by Clark Thenhaus/Endemic Architecture at Hem’s new LA space.

(Image credit: David Salpeter)

This is particularly demonstrated by Hem’s commissioning of the San Francisco-based architect and designer Clark Thenhaus of Endemic Architecture to create a site-specific installation in the showroom’s outdoor courtyard. Entitled ‘Confetti Courtyard’, the piece reimagines the courtyard as a kinetic layering of architecture, furniture, landscape and social activity in colourful, geometric form. Comprised of vibrant shapes painted directly on the floor and walls, the installation’s oversized confetti-like shapes loosely demarcate a variety of uses and areas in the space.

‘Confetti Courtyard was inspired by the impromptu conversations that you might experience at a party, moving from room to room,’ says Thenhaus. ‘The installation aims to create a social context and physical space that elicits both delight and interaction.’

A perfect setting for future programming to come, the space is a celebration of the spirit of collaboration that underpins Hem’s American endeavour.

Outside of Hem’s new LA store

The new home inside an industrial warehouse space that is shared with the wood flooring specialists Madera.

(Image credit: Lauren Moore)


For more information, visit the Hem website and the Madera website


810 Mateo Street
Los Angeles
CA 90021


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