Paul Cocksedge's continuing quest to articulate simplicity through the use of materials reached a new, Wallpaper* Design Awards-worthy apex with 'Freeze', a monumental collection of metal furniture constructed by freezing the different components and then having them expand into place as they returned to normal temperature. The collection was unveiled at Friedman Benda gallery in New York last year, along with a captivating catalogue filled with photographs of Cocksedge’s intriguing process by the designer’s brother, photographer Mark Cocksedge.

‘I very much enjoyed this process because there are a lot of times when things are made that you see them once they’re delivered to the studio, or there’s this rapid prototype experience,’ says Paul. ‘This was really about being around materials – touching metal and really appreciating the mass, colour and texture of these materials coming together in this environment.’

In honour of Cocksedge’s recent win, we present a special edit of images from the catalogue with anecdotes from the brothers. 'In a way, all of that work is the hard bit and now we’re producing different variations – longer versions, wider ones, different colours. It’s all still happening,' Paul concludes.