Copenhagen’s Empirical Spirits offers a new textured tasting lab

Inside Copenhagen distillery Empirical Spirits’ new tasting room.
Inside Copenhagen distillery Empirical Spirits’ new tasting room.
(Image credit: Claus Troelsgaard)

Copenhagen distillery Empirical Spirits was founded in 2017 on the ethos that knowledge is gained through experience. This mentality has guided the brand through its two years in drink design, but its latest project eschews the flavour-specific approach for something more multi-sensory.

Tapping local design firms Studio Pneuma and Design Studies, Empirical Spirits has opened a brand new tasting room at the heart of its Copenhagen HQ. Its entire catalogue has been brought together under the same roof, now offering the complete Empirical experience to a local audience.

Framed by a glass curtain wall and airy, translucent textiles by Kvadrat, the room emerges like smoke from the heart of the distillery. Beyond this veil, the space is revealed to be quiet, considered and centred on the tasting experience. Bespoke furniture made in Dinesen Douglas by the two design firms peppers the space, including a kitchen realised by local cabinet maker Asta Mogensen. These organic pieces allude to the koji fermentation room at the heart of the production facility. Elsewhere, a ceramic mural by Wolf City Design and the flowing micro topping floor by OL Gulve add artful layers to the space.

empirical spirit lab

(Image credit: TBC)

Empirical tasting lab

(Image credit: TBC)

‘We wanted to create a casual display for their archive of ingredients, artefacts and stories from their many travels,’ says Studio Pneuma. ‘Like an ever changing Cabinet of Curiosities, from where visitors can observe the buzzing life from the distillery.’

An eight metre wide shelving system proudly displays the brand’s many flavour inspirations, whilst the sprawling tasting table – flanked by geometric, black oil-finished chairs – elegently knits the space together.

‘We wanted to work with an overall organic concept, inspired by Empirical Spirits’ use of fermentation – letting materials interact and transform,’ explains Studio Pneuma. ‘Our ambition has been to translate their approach to flavours into a spacial atmosphere, where the senses are stimulated.’ 

Kvadrat textiles shaping the new tasting room

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Wooden accents in the tasting room

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