A visual universe: OS ∆ OOS bring ’Synthesis’ to Zürich’s Roehrs & Boetsch

A visual universe: OS ∆ OOS bring ’Synthesis’ to Zürich’s Roehrs & Boetsch

Dutch design duo OS ∆ OOS’s first solo exhibition gives an overview of the two young creatives’ visual universe. Hosted at Zürich’s Roehrs & Boetsch, the retrospective is aptly titled ‘Synthesis’, and it offers a summary of the pair’s visual universe.

Oskar Peet and Sophie Mensen met while studying at Design Academy Eindhoven, from which they both graduated in 2009. In their work, the duo have constantly been concerned with a balance of shape, colour and lines, and their production has so far resulted in a cohesive portfolio of objects ranging from lighting to seating, via material experiments and smaller accessories.

For ‘Synthesis’, the pair worked on a new project, presented alongside their existing collections. ’Perspective no. 1’ and ’Perspective no. 2’ are two objects that expand on previous research into transparency and overlapping layers. The large-scale objects are formed by juxtaposing different transparent layers, offering an ever-changing experience to the viewers.

Other projects on show include the designers’ ’Mono-Lights’, a modular series of illumination devices created in 2014, combining LED with tubular metal rods: two standard elements combined to create a sophisticated new collection. The designers’ ’Key Stone’ seating also features in the exhibition; initially presented in Milan by Rossana Orlandi in 2013, the concrete and stone chair was later adapted in softer materials and Kvadrat fabrics by Danish design firm Please Wait to be Seated.

The show offers a rare opportunity to delve deeper into the aesthetic universe of Peet and Mensen. Seeing their oeuvre under one roof helps understand this complex visual world, formed by balanced elements, transparencies and clever shape compositions.

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