Six Dots Design’s Joseph Ellwood creates furniture to represent his generation

Wallpaper* Future Icons: Joseph Ellwood of Six Dots Design on his love of making, forms that reflect fluid identities, and his work for Rimowa

Six Dots Design metal chair in lake
Six Dots Design's chair from the 'Contemporary Vanity' collection
(Image credit: Courtesy Joesph Ellwood)

Joseph Ellwood, founder of Six Dots Design, has always been interested in making. ‘I got my first saw when I was four, and have been making stuff in my parents’ garage ever since,’ the 24-year-old designer and artist tells Wallpaper*. ‘When I was 14, I bought a cheap welder off eBay with Christmas and birthday money. My dad panicked and bought all the safety gear to go with it.’

Six Dots Design Joseph Ellwood

Joseph Ellwood of Six Dots Design

(Image credit: Courtesy Josep Ellwood)

Ellwood’s experiments have resulted in a wide range of products, from a go-kart to a lamp, but he is most enthusiastic about furniture – a passion that he discovered while working for architect and cabinetmaker John Griffith. ‘We would show up on site, pour the concrete, make the structural panel, but also make the fine furniture inside, which I particularly fell in love with.’

The experience inspired Ellwood to produce his own furniture, which he would post on Instagram. What began as a passion project quickly became a conduit for commissions, which led him to set up Six Dots Design in 2020. ‘We believe that good design not only fulfils its explicit role, but serves as constant inspiration to those around it,’ states the studio’s motto.

‘Contemporary Vanity’ collection by Six Dots Design

Six Dots Design screen

Modesty screen, £850, from the ‘Contemporary Vanity’ collection, by Six Dots Design 

(Image credit: Neil Godwin at Future Studios for Wallpaper*)

Six Dots Design’s inaugural furniture collection, ‘Contemporary Vanity’, launched in London in July 2022. The five piece collection includes a trifold mirror, a chair, a hanging rail, a table, and a modesty screen. Featuring whimsical, wobbly forms and honest construction methods (screws are deliberately left visible, and some elements simply slot together), the collection ponders what it means to reflect one’s identity through surrounding objects.

‘There are a lot of midcentury, modernist and minimalist pieces right now, but does that really represent us and who we want to be as a generation?’ asks Ellwood, who proposes a more expressive aesthetic that acknowledges fluid identities.

Six Dots Design vanity and chair

Table, chair and mirror from the 'Contemporary Vanity' collection

(Image credit: Courtesy Joseph Ellwood)

He was inspired by Tom Dixon’s work with Hydro to create this collection in raw-finish aluminium, which can be easily reused and recycled. Each element in the collection has been laser-cut using a digital fabrication service. ‘I didn’t want my work to only be accessible to people of a certain level of wealth,’ he explains. ‘So I use a network of many different manufacturers, taking advantage of otherwise unutilised time on their machines. This allows them to give me a better price.’

Six Dots Design installation for Rimowa

Installation view from Rimowa’s ‘As Seen by’ exhibition in Berlin, 11-14 November 2022. Six Dot Design’s ‘Contemporary Suitcase’ (in the foreground, on the right) is seen alongside works by Nick Ross, Niceworkshop, Studio Marfa, Benjamin Edgar, Niveau Zéro Atelier x Warm Weekend, New Tendency and Thomas Ballouhey

(Image credit: Gregor Kaluza)

‘Contemporary Vanities’ has already drawn the attention of German luggage label Rimowa, which commissioned Ellwood to create an artwork for its travelling exhibition ‘As Seen By’, curated in partnership with Paris-based art collective The Community. (Its participants have included Mario Tsai, Kwangho Lee and Objects of Common Interest) Ellwood’s contribution, ‘Contemporary Suitcase’, interpreted the Rimowa cabin case – known for its rigorous geometry – as a bent form.

Six Dots Design metal chair

‘Please Sit’ chair in laser cut aluminium

(Image credit: Courtesy Joseph Ellwood)

‘The project was about taking existing forms and aesthetics, and twisting and distorting them into something new,’ explains Ellwood, who sculpted the case out of clay, cast it in plaster, and then recast it in fibreglass. ‘Contemporary Suitcase’ was unveiled in Berlin in mid-November, and even made an appearance in the Instagram stories of Roger Federer, who came to the exhibition opening.

Six Dots Design Shou shugi ban cedar coffee table for

'Shou Shugi Ban' cedar coffee table for Provisions

(Image credit: Courtesy Joseph Ellwood)

Ellwood is now adding new pieces to his ‘Contemporary Vanity’ collection, as well as working on a chair for London lifestyle store Provision, and some private commercial projects (he mentions on his website that he welcomes ‘new, challenging and bizarre commissions’). He is also developing new materials and material practices that he is keen to implement in his furniture output, all while completing his MA in architecture at the Royal College of Art.

In the longer term, he hopes Six Dots Design will remain ‘a London-based small production, creating technically innovative everyday objects that are accessible to as many people as possible, and as beautiful and well-crafted as possible’.

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