New Piero Lissoni book explores the spirit of design

‘Environments’, the latest Piero Lissoni book published by Rizzoli, features illustrations by Guido Scarabottolo

Piero Lissoni book: illustrations by Guido Scarabottolo
An illustration by Guido Scarabottolo from 'Environments', the new book by Piero Lissoni, featuring his design work, including ‘Eda-Mame’ for B&B Italia
(Image credit: Guido Scarabottolo)

Environments is the latest design book by architect Piero Lissoni. Written by Stefano Casciani, the tome embarks on a vibrant odyssey through Lissoni's creative cosmos, amplified by the evocative illustrations by Guido Scarabottolo, an architect, graphic designer and illustrator. Lissoni’s initial intention was not to craft a book but to solve functional challenges, a reflection of design's essence: form meets function. Casciani's mentorship and eloquent prose unveil their unique fusion of humanism and science.

Piero Lissoni book: ‘We are a strange mix lying between humanism and maybe a dash of science’

Open pages from Piero Lissoni Book: Environments

(Image credit: Courtesy Rizzoli)

‘I didn’t want to make a book,’ says Lissoni. ‘But I imagined having to resolve a series of functional problems, such as how to stabilise a table (a book would be perfect), or how to make a base for a vase of flowers, an antique Chinese object or framed photographs. However, while I was at it, I also tried to add a bit of content, the bare minimum. In addition to the precious collaboration with Stefano Casciani and the texts he wrote, I tried to describe what we are: we are not architects, we are not designers, we are not graphic designers – we are a strange mix lying between humanism and maybe a dash of science.’ 

Kitchen amid illustration from Piero Lissoni book

Case 5.0 for Boffi

(Image credit: Guido Scarabottolo)

Environments encapsulates design's spirit, an unwavering quest to redefine our world. It explores spaces and objects, meticulously moulded to serve a purpose while echoing the language of visual arts, amplified by Scarabottolo's illustrations.

Casciani poetically guides us through Lissoni's creative continuum, revealing a tapestry of design possibilities interwoven with Scarabottolo's visual wizardry. This is more than a compilation of ideas; it's a visual jewel. Designed by Lissoni & Partners, the book mirrors the studio’s signature style. It gracefully integrates two sections: one adorned with evocative illustrations and the other celebrating the world of graphic design.

Sofa with tiger illustration from Piero Lissoni book

‘Met’ sofa for Cassina

(Image credit: Guido Scarabottolo)

For design aficionados, this is an exploration of Piero Lissoni's enduring legacy and Stefano Casciani's dedication to design culture. It promises to be an illuminating exploration of design's boundless horizons.

Environments by Piero Lissoni is available from Amazon

Maria Cristina Didero is an independent design curator, consultant and author, who has contributed to many publications over the years. Didero has consulted for companies such as Vitra, Fritz Hansen, Lexus, Fendi, Louis Vuitton, Valextra among others. Based in Milan, she works internationally, curating exhibitions for institutions: some of her most recent projects include Nendo: The Space in Between and The Conversation Show at the Holon Design Museum, Israel; FUN HOUSE by Snarkitecture at National Building Museum, Washington D.C.; SuperDesign a project about Italian radical design, NY; Vegan Design, or the Art of Reduction by Erez Nevi and The Fish and The Crowd by Carlo Massoud, Milan. In April 2022 she curated a Mathieu Lehanneur exhibition at the Triennale in Milan called The Inventory of Life, while in July she debuted a project at the MK&G in Hamburg titled Ask Me if I Believe in the Future, alongside a series of ongoing collaborations. She was appointed 2022 Curatorial Director of Design Miami/. She is currently preparing two projects for Milan Design Week 2023.