The new sofa by Piero Lissoni, for De Padova balances comfort and elegance

‘Alberese XL’ sofa, by Piero Lissoni, for De Padova is among our Salone del Mobile 2024 highlights and continues the designer’s pursuit of form and functionality

Piero Lissoni De Padova sofa
(Image credit: Courtesy of De Padova)

When Piero Lissoni first designed the Alberese family of sofas and seats in 2020, he was aiming for a design ‘born from many reflections and then frozen in its essence’, which would be ‘comfortable and elegant at the same time’. This search for harmony of shapes and perfect functionality has seen the leading Italian designer revisit his creation for De Padova with a new version, the ‘Alberese XL’, presented during Salone del Mobile 2024.

This new collection of modular sofas offers a wide range of configurations and options, allowing its owners to create very personal and truly contemporary living space. ‘Alberese XL is the latest addition to the family as the sofa model takes on new shapes,’ explains Lissoni. ‘There are more ridges and slopes to allow people to create the layout that best fits their tastes.’

Alberese XL sofa by Piero Lissoni

(Image credit: Courtesy of Piero Lissoni and De Padova)

Providing space for welcoming inclined armrests and comfortable seats where one can relax, read, and be together, the ‘Alberese XL’ alternates changes in depth, curved elements, and cushions with a defined front and to create a new domestic landscape. Its platform-like base runs throughout, transforming into low marble top coffee tables and linking the various elements together.

The sofa is part of a collection celebrating the 90th anniversary of Boffi De Padova, marking nearly a century of championing Italian manufacturing and tradition, and focusing on the intelligent use of interior space. Also launching is another design by Lissoni, the ‘Novanta’ kitchen. Lissoni himself has spent the past three decades developing international projects in the fields of architecture, landscape, interior, product and graphic design, from his offices in Milan and New York.

De Padova, Via Santa Cecilia, 7

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