Hyperlocal design: these Atelier100 products are made within 100km of London

Atelier100, dedicated to promoting local design and production, launches its retail space and debut collection in London’s Hammersmith

Door stopper and table lamp in bright colours by Atelier100
Left, 'Sculptural Door Stop' by Yasmin Lennon-Chong. Right, ‘London’ papier-mâché table lamp by Emmely Elgersma. Styling by Serene Khan
(Image credit: Trisha Ward)

Atelier100 is an initiative that is reshuffling the manufacturing process to encourage local design and production. Its team offer mentoring sessions, business masterclasses and a community hub. Now it is opening its first retail space and unveiling a series of works from 13 creatives, designed and produced within 100km of London.

The retail space, which has just opened in London’s Hammersmith, holds the brand’s first collection of adventurous design pieces, from homeware to fashion. The 13 creatives behind it were selected through Atelier100’s hothouse programme, an initiative launched in May 2022 aiming to nurture local, emerging talent. 

Two major retail groups came together to form the concept for the design hub. Fashion retailer H&M and Ingka Group, the holding company behind many Ikea stores, used their industry know-how to unite a group of experts in driving a mentorship programme. A panel selected the group of creatives after an open call drew in 3D and textile designers, ceramic artists, illustrators and multidisciplinary makers. 

The outcomes from the mentoring programme, alongside the opportunities fostered in the collaborative space are broad; the rough texture of a papier-mâché lamp by Emmely Elgersma is cute and distinctive in its form; Alison Cooke’s disjointed cylindrical vases are made from clay excavated from 26m below London’s River Thames; and, in a showcase of bespoke design meets sustainability, Clara Chu has reclaimed objects – from CD cases to toaster components – and assembled her ‘Surplus Bag collection’ in colourful and unexpected reconstructions. 

view of interior design items by Atelier100 with blue curtain behind them

Clockwise from bottom left: 'London’ papier-mâché table lamp by Emmely Elgersma; 'Wax-Dipped’ lampshade, by Lola Lely; 'Thames Clay’ vase by Alison Cooke; 'London Brick & Charcoal’ candle holders' by Nina Jua Klein; 'London Cobblestone’ floor light, by Mitre & Mondays; stainless steel tubular chair by Andu Masebo. Styling by Serene Khan

(Image credit: Photography: Trisha Ward)

Between eight and 100 examples of each product are available, establishing the local, creative feel amongst the studio’s wares. Such small batches allow ample space for innovation, with redesigns more accessible with each evolution. 

The concept reveals a refreshing shift towards a more sustainable approach to commercial creation, while the makers show intuitive eyes for material repurposing. Andu Masebo has used traditional methods to weld, cast and finish 12 car exhaust pipes to form his stainless steel tubular chair, and Mitre & Mondays has designed its ‘London Cobblestone’ floor light using timber, cobblestone and metal, creating a freestanding lamp with texture and history. 

The full group of 13 creatives comprises Alison Cooke, Andu Masebo, Clara Chu, Elna-Marie Fortune, Emmely Elgersma, James O’Brien, Josef Shanley-Jackson & Finn Thomson, Lola Lely, Nathan Joyce, Nina Jua Klein, Savvas Alexander, Yasmin Lennon-Chong, Zoe Horgan. They were mentored by experienced leather workers, industrial designers and lecturers during their time on the programme. 

orange ceramic vase on table with dried flowers inside

'Thames Clay’ vase by Alison Cooke. Styling by Serene Khan

(Image credit: Photography: Trisha Ward)

Candle Sticks

'London Brick & Charcoal’ candle holders by Nina Jua Klein. Styling by Serene Khan

(Image credit: Trisha Ward)

Floor lamp

 'London Cobblestone’ floor light by Mitre & Mondays. Styling by Serene Khan

(Image credit: Trisha Ward)

Tubular metal chair

Stainless steel tubular chair by Andu Masebo. Styling by Serene Khan

(Image credit: Trisha Ward)

The collection is available in store at Atelier100 Hammersmith, and online from early November 2022

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King St
London W6 9HW


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