A new brand by French perfumer Barnabé Fillion features seven fragrances housed in standard as well as limitededition bottles designed by Fillion and London-based glassblower Jochen Holz.

The Arpa collection is packaged in wooden boxes, which have been handcarved in Japan and filled with tea leaves that evoke the aroma and taste of the corresponding perfume. The tea, a sustainable take on bubble wrap, can then be burned in ceramic containers made by Mexican designer Perla Valtierra, creating a unique home diffuser.

The collection will also be accompanied by a series of sculptures and vinyl records, made by contributors as diverse as Korean-American conceptual artist Anicka Yi and French DJ Pilooski. With graphics by Memphis Group heavyweight Nathalie Du Pasquier and an office space by Aesop’s in-house architect Jean-Philippe Bonnefoi, Arpa is a new model fragrance house.

By next year, Fillion hopes the project will expand into a series of immersive spaces where visitors can experience all aspects of Arpa, from scent experiments to sound projects. We reckon this scents- and senseblending endeavour will hit all the right notes. §