These days, everyone’s beach is a mirage. The summer months are fast upon us, but the pleasures they usually promise, of long days spent in the sun with sand underfoot and cocktail in hand, feel very far away. Most of us will just have to imagine such days and, while we do, the new line of bath products from La DoubleJ and Acqua di Parma can help make our daydreams a little bit more believable.  

The collaboration is the first between La DoubleJ and Acqua di Parma, but the brands shared interest in the visual, olfactory, or tactical richness of the Italian landscape make them natural partners.

acqua di parma and la double j products against a yellow background

Founded by former Wallpaper* Milan editor JJ Martin in 2015, La Double J is a fashion and lifestyle brand best known for revitalizing archival Italian prints with bold colours and modern silhouettes. Originally an online outlet for vintage clothes and jewellery, the brand now produces its own line of ready-to-wear and homeware in brilliantly hued, kaleidoscopic patterns.

Acqua di Parma’s legacy reaches back nearly a hundred years and yet, since its inception the brand has focused on using its Italian heritage to create a distinctly modern line of products. No surprise then that it should pair with a brand like La DoubleJ for the new Blu Mediterranean Discovery Collection.

acqua di parma and la double j body scrub against a yellow background

The collection includes a shower mousse, body scrub, body lotion and candle, all decorated with a La Double J pattern in Acqua’s signature sea blue and lemon yellow colours.

They are available in four of the best loved Blu Mediterranean fragrances – the bright and zesty Arancia di Capri, the warm, woody Bergamotto di Calabria, the figs and fruits of Fico di Amalfi, and the salty, ocean-like Mirto di Panarea. The products are just as evocative of beachy days in their texture as they are in their scent. The milky mousse echoes the feeling of sea foam, the scrub like sand granules against the skin, and the spray on lotion like a spritz of seawater.

The collection is available now on La Double J and Acqua di Parma’s online shops. §