Groom mates: innovative men's beauty brands

Men's beauty brands Beau.D, Tracaris Saint New York, and Asystem are ushering in ‘a new wave of masculinity’

Men's beauty brands Beau.D, Tracaris Saint New York, and Asystem out of their packaging and laid out on a silver background
Clockwise from top left, deodorant, $24, by Saint New York. Hydrating Radiance Serum, $40, by Tracaris. Overnight Rebuilding Cream, $28; Superhuman Supplements, $85, all by Asystem. Lip Salve, $38, by Beau D.
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While the past few years have seen a flourishing of genderless fragrances and make-up for men, innovative, inclusive approaches to male skincare and wellness have remained few and far between. ‘The men's skincare business is not keeping pace with evolving cultural attitudes regarding gender and beauty,’ says Brandon Palas, founder of Beau.D, a brand that pointedly identifies itself as ‘a beauty line for men.’

For Palas, it no longer holds ‘that beauty – either in word or concept – is somehow the exclusive province of women,’ an ethos he aims to promote with an upcoming line of products that begins with a lip salve. The original formulation is filled with herbs (think: He Shou Wu, and Panax Ginseng) and embraces naturally nourishing, of-the-moment oils and waxes like sunflower seed, candelilla, and carnauba. And, naturally, the lip salve is free from GMOs, and cruelty.

Beau.D is just one of the emerging brands at the new vanguard of male skincare and wellness. New York brand Tracaris aims to appeal to ‘a new wave of masculinity’, with a Hydrating Radiance Serum formulated to protect all skin types and tones from urban air pollution and travel-induced irritation. Founder Tracaris Williams explains it was important the brand’s inclusive ethos was reflected in the make-up of its team, which works to create ‘a space for a Black-owned skincare brand in the luxury sphere.’

Another New York outlet, Saint New York, is setting its sights on being the grooming equivalent of streetwear brands like Off-White or Supreme. The brand's signature plant-derived deodorant is the first product in what will soon become a full skincare line. By pairing plant-based, cruelty-free formulations with distinctive packaging, Saint New York aims to offer a new take on male grooming, one that recognises a growing interest among men for products that are aesthetically pleasing and ethically produced. 

Californian label Asystem, meanwhile, offers a subscription-based line of skincare and supplements designed to coincide with men’s natural hormone cycles. Alongside the product line, the brand hopes to promote wellness among its male audience with The Betterment Project, a forum that offers everything from online boxing classes to tips for combatting anxiety. 


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