Fashion and beauty partnerships are nothing new, but the latest collaboration between Supreme and Pat McGrath Labs has already proven to be a particularly perfect match in hype heaven.

Together, they’ve created a new ‘Supreme’ MatteTrance lipstick that combines the most recognisable aspects of their cult brands-Supreme’s signature red and white logo, McGrath’s high-intensity matte lip shades – to create what could well be the most sought after beauty debut this year. 

The lipstick is available in one shade only, a deep red with cool-blue undertones designed by McGrath to be the same colour as the skatewear brand’s iconic logo. 

red and gold Pat McGrath and Supreme lipstick

It is the first time Supreme, now 26 years old, has branched into beauty and it couldn’t have found a more suitable partner in the industry than the beloved McGrath. Since launching her namesake brand four years ago, McGrath has garnered a legion of fans as devoted to her products as Supreme’s famously are to theirs.

That means those looking to get their hands on the new lipstick might have to prepare themselves for disappointment. Just launched, the product has already sold out in a mere eight seconds.

Fingers crossed there’s another drop skating our way. §