Ever since the days of patent medicines in the late 19th century, consumers looking for ingestible wellness enhancers — whether in the form of tinctures or pills — have dealt with a barrage of false claims and secret formulas. Fast-forward to 2020, and it seems not all that much has changed. Take a look around any wellness space today, and you’ll find plenty of lifestyle brands that offer (sometimes controversial) products with opaque ingredient lists, pledging to supplement the diet to great effect.

Remarkably, though, the focus of these products has shifted somewhat. Instead of prioritising physical health only, the wellness supplements that define our times promise to boost our beauty – from within. We’ve scanned the ingredient list of various ingestible products out there and have selected the best. Only components with certified provenance, calibrated dosage and high-level absorption possess maximum beauty-enhancing potential – so go ahead and reward that inner picky eater with the meticulously formulated offering of these transparent brands.


Post-pregnancy, Lucy Goff contracted septicaemia. After six weeks spent bed-ridden in hospital, she returned home depleted. ‘I was training, eating a healthy diet and taking a multitude of supplements’, she tells, ‘but I still felt as though I was running on empty.’ A chance encounter with medical pharmacologist Dr. Paul Clayton, kickstarted Goff’s journey. Together with a team of nutritional scientists and wellness experts, Goff applied insights from pharma to pharmacological nutrition.

They developed Lyma: not quite a vitamin pill, but a ‘super supplement’ containing 8 ingredients that cannot be found in sufficient quantities through a daily diet. With four times the absorption levels of generic supplements, Lyma nourishes the body and mind by fighting stress, boosting energy, maximising immunity and optimizing beauty. 


black KLARSKIN bottles against bright yellow background

For Antoneta Bursac, a holistic approach to skincare was a no-brainer: she started to suffer from acne only in her mid-twenties, which suggested a deeper root cause. Her Germany-based brand Klarskin tackles dysfunction in the body through a multipronged approach based on years of research.

The brand’s ‘Radiance Powder’ regulates the gut microbiome and liver health via its 6.5 billion colony-forming units with 14 diverse bacterial strains. Once mixed in water, the micro-encapsulated powder offers greater absorption properties, as its potent ingredients won’t be destroyed by stomach acid. Klarskins’ ‘Reforming Liquid’ takes on water loss in order to plump and preserve skin. It contains hyaluronic acid, Vitamin C, copper, Vitamin B12, MSM, D-Biotin and magnesium gluconate to improve cell function, collagen formation, improve the body’s keratin infrastructure and maintain connective tissue. 


Black supplements bottle displayed against a beige wall

Australian brand Bear, founded by Saasha Burns and Sam Leetham, also offers three types of products: vitamin pills and powders, complemented by topical skincare. Says Burns: ‘Our aim is to help build a strong foundation of health through small, yet significant acts each day.’ Bear’s two types of ‘Essential Daily Vitamins’, tailored to suit the busy modern professional (Perform) or to enhance general wellbeing (Explore) contain carefully sourced ingredients activated to ensure their nutrients are optimally bio-available. The brand’s two ‘Essential Daily Superpowders’ are single-origin. Nourish includes essential minerals, Repair boasts protein from the only plant protein source known to contain all 20 essential amino acids, Australian hemp seeds. 


two bottles of Lumity supplements on a white background

Optimum health, vitality and beauty go hand in hand, according to Dr. Sara Palmer Hussey’s philosophy behind Lumity. The brand’s targeted 24/7 routine consists of daily supplements as well as a facial oils and a cleanser, but most lauded are the former. Lumity’s softgel capsules are formulated to provide the right nutritional support at the right time, respecting and balancing our body’s circadian rhythm. Meant to be taken in the morning and at night, they contain a powerhouse blend of high-quality omegas, minerals, vitamins and essential nutrients with manifold benefits: enhanced brain function, reduced oxidative stress and firmer skin, to name a few. §