Ignite your chakras with Amen's home fragrance design

The brand collaborates with yogi Simrat Kaur to activate the 7 chakras through scent

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‘It sounds so new age when I say it,’ says Rodrigo Garcia Alvarez, founder of the candle brand Amen, ‘but I finished a gong healing ceremony with Simrat Kaur and asked her; if you could choose a fragrance for your studio, what would it be?’

That question was the genesis of its latest range of candles, 7 Fragrances for the 7 Chakras, which, as the collection title suggests, offers seven different scents intended to ignite a different chakra, or energy centre of the body. 

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All of the home fragrances were developed in collaboration with Dr. Simrat Kaur, a dermatologist, yoga practitioner, and founder of the Brazilian wellness centre Medicina da Consciência.

Dr. Kaur describes chakras as, ‘seven main energetic vortexes, each related to a gland and a plexus of nerves… as they are perceptive frequencies, each chakra can be expanded and balanced through our senses, through sensorial stimuli such as essential oils and candles.’ 

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Each of the candles come packaged in Amen’s biodegradable mycelium packaging, which is currently the subject of a new exhibit at Dover Street Perfums Market.

Garcia Alvarez understands that the philosophy around chakras might be new to some but he hopes that the 7 Chakras collection will be the first step for outsiders of the Yoga Universe to find 'a world with more harmony, love, unity, and compassion.'

 ‘I’m an outsider in the world of yoga… the mission of this 7 Chakras was to inspire people who, like me, may not be from the world of yoga but feel inspired to know more and practice it at home, especially nowadays when we are all at home.’  

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For those looking to learn more, below is some brief insight into the seven different chakra types, their corresponding fragrances, and the different energies they activate. 

Chakra: Root 
Scent: Vetiver 
Purpose: Activates the foundational chakra for a grounded feeling and general calm. 

Chakra: Sacral 
Scent: Sandalwood 
Purpose: Connected to how we perceive ourselves and others, this chakra regulates the creative and sensual self.

Charka: Solar
Scent: Ginger 
Purpose: The centre of self-perception, this chakra is responsible for self-confidence and feelings of control. 

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Chakra: Heart 
Scent: Roses 
Purpose: Expands the centre of emotional feeling for an experience of deeper compassion and empathy.

Chakra: Throat 
Scent: Eucalyptus 
Purpose: Opens up the source of the voice for authentic expression and effective communication. 

Chakra: Third Eye 
Scent: Jazmin 
Purpose: Awakens the intuition and opens up the third eye, encouraging perception of the world beyond the surface level for imaginative thinking. 

Chakra: Crown 
Scent: Lavanda 
Purpose: The centre of spiritual connection, this calming fragrance prepares the mind for relaxation and meditation


The candles will be available this Thursday 29 October on matchesfashion.com.

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