Three international yoga studios stretch into candle making in Grasse

Amen – the new candle brand from the French fragrance-making community of Grasse – has collaborated with three yoga studios for its first chakra-balancing collection

Amen Candles
Amen Candles
(Image credit: press)

Using only vegan oil wax, Amen has collaborated with three yoga studios – the Rasa Yoga in Paris, the RA MA Institute for Applied Yogic Science & Technology in New York, and the Medicina da Consciência in Rio de Janeiro, on its first capsule collection. Handmade in the Grasse region, known as the European capital of perfumery, the Rose, Jazmin and Vetiver candles aim to help regulate our chakras and promote a balanced lifestyle. 

Amen and Rasa Yoga Paris' Jazmin collaboration, out in November, aims to heighten our spiritual sensibilities to go beyond our highest self. With the Medicina da Consciência the ‘Vetiver’ aroma will follow in December. Indiginous to India, vetiver is known for its tranquil qualities. It’s revival of the root chakra makes for a fragrance that is both calming and balancing. Together with RA MA – reminiscent of Egyptian deity of the sun and light, Ra, Amen plans to release its third scent, the ‘Rose’ candle capsule in February 2020. Roses possess the power to open the heart chakra with its distinctively sweet and strong essence.

The new brand follows the ASAP sustainability standard lead by Oskar Metsavaht’s non-profit organisation Instituto-E. Its capsule collection is 100-percent natural, made in reusable eco-friendly Limoges jars and contained in recyclable packaging.