Is this a natural deodorant that actually works?

Fussy is an innovative brand using sustainable design and a probiotic formulation to create a new kind of natural deodorant

fussy pebble-like sustainable deodorant cases in five different colours
(Image credit: getfussy)

Natural deodorants as an alternative to aluminium-packed antiperspirants – about which health concerns are periodically raised but have not been proven – are not new, but a natural deodorant that actually works at combating body odour? Well, that's something to write home about.

Fussy is a new, vegan natural deodorant brand that really is up to the task. The secret to its effectiveness is lactobacillius, the same probiotic ingredient found in most yogurts. That may not sound like a key to sweet-smelling success, but the probiotics in Fussy work the same way probiotics in your diet or skincare work – using microorganisms to facilitate the growth of the body's ‘good’ bacteria and inhibit the growth of ‘bad’ bacteria. 

fussy pebble-like sustainable deodorant cases in five different colours

(Image credit: getfussy)

Body odour is caused by your own body chemistry and your particular microbial flora. The lactobacillius in Fussy works to, in a sense, eat the microbial flora that cause body odour, while the addition of magnesium hydroxide and sodium bicarbonate aid in neutralising bacteria and help absorb moisture. Other vegan ingredients, such as sunflower wax, coconut oil and shea butter, moisturise and are non-irritating, making the product ideal for sensitive skin.

Fussy isn't the first natural deodorant to use probiotics, but it is set apart by its effectiveness – when put to the test by Wallpaper*, it lasted through the entire working day and a pilates class – as well as the ingenuity of its sustainable design. 

man applying fussy natural deodorant to his underarms

(Image credit: getfussy)

The pebble-like case is made from recycled plastic that is durable and made to last. The case can be refreshed with the brand's plastic-free refill containers, which are made from waste sugarcane and, once empty, will just decompose in your garden or the bin. Refills can be ordered through a flexible subscription service that delivers every three months. 

The deodorant comes in five fragrances – Bare All, an unscented option that we recommend for devoted perfume wearers; Wavy Days, a sharp peppermint and eucalyptus scent; the tropical Sun Drunk with vanilla and ylang-ylang; the citrusy Wide-Eyed, which we think smells just like a negroni; and our favourite, Night Tales, a heady mixture of cedar, cinnamon, and patchouli. 

The deodorants will be available from the end of this month, with pre-order now open through the brand website.

fussy natural deodorant in sustainable pebble-like blue case

(Image credit: getfussy)


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