Amen’s new collection takes on abstract, sculptural forms handcrafted by Katharina Kaminski

Amen candles officially launches its new series of figurative light sculptures, ‘Luminous Beings’

Two pale light sculptures on a stone plinth against pale background
(Image credit:  Baert)

Following the launch of its chakra-inspired candle collection last year, Amen is debuting its latest venture – a collection of figurative ‘light sculptures’ entitled ‘Luminous Beings’. The sculptures are the work of Uruguay-born artist Katharina Kaminski, who has designed the abstract forms as a celebration of beauty beyond gender. 

‘“Luminous Beings” is a celebration of diversity,’ says Kaminski. ‘The collection of lit clay sculptures embodies a universe free of limits, where life is celebrated for its infinite unique forms of expression.

Amen light sculpture

Amen light sculpture ‘Philo' in the Alireza Taghaboni Khousar VIlla, Iran.

(Image credit: Baert.)

‘Everything is curved,’ she continues. ‘The curves inspire sensuality without gender. The pieces have been sculpted intuitively. There was no sketch, there was only inspiration, a strong desire to express who I really am, share awareness for intersex beings living under so much stigma, and contribute towards a world with more openness, understanding, harmony and love.’

Amen’s founder Rodrigo Garcia launched the brand two years ago in an effort to promote the work of the yoga gurus he admired and to popularise more sustainable production practices in candle making. To achieve the first goal, Garcia collaborated on a capsule collection with three renowned yoga studios – asa Yoga in Paris, the RA MA Institute for Applied Yogic Science & Technology in New York, the Medicina da Consciência in Rio de Janeiro, Altromondo Yoga in Stockholm and Jiriki Setai in Kyoto.

Amen light sculpture

Amen light sculpture ‘Hikari'  in the Alireza Taghaboni Khousar VIlla, Iran.

(Image credit: Baert)

On the sustainability front, Amen’s candles are made from natural vegetable wax that is free of toxic paraffin, contained in reusable porcelain jars, and shipped in bio-degradable mycelium packaging. 

For Garcia Alvarez, ‘Luminous Beings’ is a creative way to integrate a new medium into the Amen project. ‘While sculpture is the visual art that operates in three dimensions,’ he says, ‘the light sculptures become a fourth-dimension experience when the observer lights the scented candle. Changing at every instant with the observer's perspective, they become “Luminous Beings”.’

From Monday, the collection will be available from Dover Street Perfums Market in Paris and Net-a-Porter.


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