The top floor of 180 The Strand in central London has been turned into an animated Wunderkammer of varied and curious fitness classes and beauty treatments. The space comes courtesy of Alex Eagle, whose eponymous London shop has served as an oasis of good taste since it opened in 2014 with its carefully considered edit of fashion, furniture, rare books, ceramics, art, and more. 

Alex Eagle Sporting Club residency at 180 The Strand

Eagle has applied the curatorial principles behind her store to her residency at the 180 Health Club. On offer are alternative classes and therapies that Eagle herself has discovered throughout her years in fashion and retail, either through her own research or on the recommendations of friends and colleagues. She has personally selected everything on offer because it is exceptional and efficacious. The result is an impressive and elite line-up of practitioners that makes the space deserving of its ‘club’ title and not only because of the Soho House connection. 

Take RelaxYang with physiotherapist Renata Nunes, which starts with acupuncture on the back and a foot massage to release tension, followed by a back, neck, and scalp massage for a treatment that is not only extraordinarily calming but unblocks energy to improve circulation and overall health. Eagle discovered Nunes on recommendation from a friend after she put her back out and the results were ’completely life-changing – I wanted everyone to be able to experience it. She focuses on systemic rebalancing, both physically and mentally. It’s a must-try!’ 

Alex Eagle Sporting Club residency at 180 The Strand

Also on the menu: an infrared sauna that is a great way to get a little boost of light and warmth in the winter as well as detoxify; an ozone sauna that is designed to detoxify the system and improve metabolism; Koniver IV drips; sound escapes with musicians specialising in therapeutic sounds, and breathwork practitioners; body rolling classes that directly stimulate the bone for a hyper-intense stretch; Brazilian jujitsu; fencing (‘it’s a full body workout, and the outfits are amazing too’, says Eagle); suspension training; and a full-body CBD massage that, in this writer’s opinion, is possibly one of the most relaxing experiences money can buy. 

More standard treatments are also on offer, including men’s barbing by Supply 91, eyebrow shaping with Diana Augustoni, manicures, and yoga. 

Alex Eagle Sporting Club residency at 180 The Strand

The Alex Eagle store is defined by its ability to create an atmosphere, to give people what they want, or don’t know they want yet, with a gallery-like attention to display and trustworthy judgment.

The Alex Eagle Sporting Club residency at 180 Health Club is a natural evolution of the concepts pioneered in that original space, with singular results that make it well worth a visit. §