London’s V&A museum has for some time now been expanding its shopping outlets, and its latest retail undertaking - a dedicated book store which opens tomorrow (21st March) - promises to offer visitors to this South Kensington stalwart an even more comprehensive retail experience

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The museum, of course, has always sold books - no self-respecting institution would dare not to – but this timely enterprise sees the gallery’s existing collection extended beyond recognition, with everything from colouring-in to cultural theory included.
The store has been built with students and specialists in mind, and has been designed to both accentuate and compliment the massive breadth of the V&A’s cross-cultural collection.
Books covering every aspect of art, design, fashion and beyond are available – and bookstore purists will breathe a sigh of relief as the new space has been designed with a library-esque atmosphere firmly in mind.
The bookshop has been put together in collaboration with shelf-making virtuosos, Vitsoe, and utilisies their legendarily simple 606 universal shelving system - un-changed from Dieter Rams’s original 1960’s design.