Image of a wooden barn near collapse
(Image credit: TBC)

London-based photographer Chris Floyd has long impressed with his intimate portraits of celebrities, artists and all-round beautiful people alike. This month however, Floyd is making a move away from his usual territory, producing a series of ten signed, numbered and dated photographs at a knockdown price, a project he's called simply 'Ten Photographs'.

Image of a blond haired girl with cowboy hat, blue costume and sash

(Image credit: TBC)

See the 'Ten Photographs'

Embracing his commercial appeal, the project was born as a means of making Floyd’s photography more available to the masses and the series will feature ten limited edition prints; available in 40x30” sets of three at £500 each, and 16x12” sets of ten at £50 each.

Part-response to over-priced, ego-driven artistic prints, and part-reaction to the digital era’s overriding supremacy - Floyd has embraced the myriad possibilities of digital technology to bring a little creative democracy to the fore - providing, in his own words, ‘one-off prints that can last for 50 years all for the price of a meal.’

The selection of ten images are an interesting mix from Floyd's repertoire ("salvaged from a life of dust-gathering beneath his bed") and are all on show at Gracelands in Kensal Rise, London. They include a beauty pageant runner-up, a snow covered football field, a collapsed mid-Western shack and even inter-vehicular intercourse - all in Floyd’s honest, penetrating style.

Offered up by the photographer as a contemporary update of the Athena poster outlet, Floyd sees his approach as the way forward for print sales - suggesting that bigger prints should go for more, whilst smaller prints should be more accessibly priced – a conviction we applaud.


118 College Road,
Kensal Green,
London NW10 5HD