Sarabande opens one-stop London store in time for the festive season

The Sarabande Foundation has opened a new permanent art, interiors and fashion store in London

art print available at Sarabande store London
John Hui, McGood Job at Amazon
(Image credit: Courtesy of Sarabande Foundation)

The Sarabande Foundation is marking the start of the festive season with a new, permanent art and fashion store in the new Sarabande High Road studio buildings in London’s Tottenham

A playful curation of art gifts presents paintings, photography, sculpture and accessories, with pieces from crystal-embellished Pariser knitwear joining papier-mâché lamps by Emmely Elgersma, prints by Michelle Mason, Hannah Norton and Kasia Wozniak, and jewellery by Mairi Millar and Christopher Thompson-Royds.

Sarabande store opens in time for festive shopping

red and blue lamp

Emmely Elgersma, Papier-mâché lamp

(Image credit: Courtesy of Sarabande Foundation)

It marks a busy period for Sarabande, which recently celebrated the next generation of creatives as part of its partnership with Dom Pérignon. The collaboration, now in its second year, commissions Sarabande artists, allowing them to push boundaries. 

Person's bare back

Michelle Marshall, Remember me from the future 

(Image credit: © Michelle Marshall AA961 Turner Contemporary. Courtesy of Sarabande Foundation)

Other events throughout the year offer practical support, from talks with artists to advice on negotiating contracts and prices. ‘Our talks cover a broad spectrum because the creative industries are multi-faceted,’ says the Sarabande Foundation’s Trino Verkade. 

‘It is really useful for creatives to hear from the best in the industry one week and then learn about tax and how to export the next. And a lot of practical knowledge isn’t covered at college, so we see we are filling a gap there. [Recently we have had] Nadège Vanhee-Cybulski from Hermès coming in for an Inspired talk, as well as artist Rachel Whiteread. We invite the best of art and fashion to talk about their experiences – the highs and the lows – so the wider creative community can learn from them. They also want to pass on their knowledge. We’ve just started Artist Crits at our new second home in Tottenham. Any artists can join, talk about their work and find their community. Artists learn so much from each other. They’re all public events so not just aimed at our artists.’

Ultimately, Sarabande is keen to support artists across all areas. ‘Between us and our visiting speakers, we have a lot of knowledge we want to share. We want creative people to succeed, not be stymied by logistics. The practical talks help the creatives to keep being creative and keep working in hugely competitive industries.’

art prints

(Image credit: Courtesy of Sarabande Foundation)

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