Handpicked, an exhibition of young artists at Brussels’ Locuslux Gallery, has introduced us to the work of Dutch porcelain sculptor Tim Breukers. Recently graduated from De Nieuwe Academie in The Hague, Breukers’ sculptures are painstakingly crafted from porcelain into tableaux of destruction – beautiful and eerie in equal measure.

TIM Broekers

See more of the painstakingly crafted porcelain sculptures by Tim Broekers
The scenes have a subtle, sinister atmosphere, like post-apocalyptic vignettes, remnants of life after a nuclear or natural disaster, an effect heightened by the fragile, bleached white of the material. “I want my work to stimulate fantasy,” Breukers explains, “an absurd idea that would normally remain hidden because it can’t stand the light of day is a precious vision to me.” Like fossilized moments of calm after the catastrophe, the sculptures have resonances of The Chapman brothers, though less obviously ghoulish but no less powerful.
Alongside Breukers’ sculptures, Handpicked features the work of three other emerging artists, Eelco Brand (painting), Sebastien Marcq (black and white photography) and Anton Cotteleer (sculpture), each chosen by Locuslux’s curator Loek Grootjans for the skill of technical precision involved in their various craft.