As the fashion world turns underwear into outerwear this season, Brussels sees Carine Gilson’s lingerie celebrated outside the bedroom. The couture lingerie designer has just opened her new boutique, Lingerie Couture, in the hip neighbourhood of Dansaert.
The design for the boutique harks back to the glamorous Art Deco era and was conceived by Gilson in an effort to mimic the luxury of the designer’s elegant collections.
A bespoke golden light fixture by artist Jan Pauwels dominates the décor, a delicate lace-inspired series of intertwined metal filaires with tiny lamps that illuminate the designs (and the figure) in the most flattering light. A further contemporary palette of black flooring with mirrored walls and reflective skated bronze detailing make one feel as if in a jewellery box.
Carine Gilson also operates boutiques in Paris and London.